Mirrors are awesome. They make fabulous statement pieces in a living space (like the one in the image below) – but more importantly, a mirror lets you admire yourself and prevents you from making any embarrassing wardrobe faux pas. Admit it, how many of you have rocked an outfit in your head, only to end up looking like a squished sausage in real life?

This is why mirrors are our friends and should be treated right. After all, how are you to apply your makeup perfectly and admire your OOTD if your mirror is all grimy and gross?

Large Mirror

For the longest time I used a commercial glass cleaner, which worked most of the time, but not always. Although not overly expensive, commercial glass cleaners lead to waste in terms of packaging, and in a bid to try to be as low-waste as possible, I decided to take the high road and make my own and so should you!

Here’s what you will need:

  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1 cup water
  • A clean microfibre cloth that has not been laundered with fabric softener 

Mix the solution in a spray bottle, shake and spray. Its really that simple. But before you begin spraying, be sure to clean off any gunk or debris (think hair spray, mascara – it happens, leave-on conditioner, etc) from your mirror with a cotton pad that has a few drops of rubbing alcohol on it, or a soft damp sponge with a teensy bit of dish soap.

Once thats done, spritz the mirror with your vinegar/water cleaning solution and wipe from the top of the mirror down. I like to use a zig zag motion, which I saw on youtube, but its up to you.

Once dry, you should be able to enjoy a streak-free mirror. If there are a few streaks left, simply spritz more of the solution and clean up the affected areas.