While I am all for growing old gracefully, I am not fine with looking messy and un-groomed, with inch-long grey roots showing through my very black hair. Since we are on this topic, let me just go on to say that, while I have no plans to go under the knife in a vain bid to hold onto my youth, I don’t see an issue with a bit of botox or filler, if done well and sparingly (I have’t done them yet, but I am open to trying them out, when the time comes).

While some women can totally rock a full grey head, I unfortunately cannot. When my roots start to show, every three-weeks or so, I begin to morph into an unkept, ancient version of myself, which is most embarrassing, especially when I have to attend fancy launches and events filled with younger and un-greying influencers.

grey hair

Which is why I was like “cancel all my appointments” to whoever cared to listen, when I received the invite for the PHYTO Re30 product launch.

Greying hair can be caused by many factors, from genetics, stress, and ageing as well as environmental factors. Many studies have shown that nowadays the onset of greying hair happens earlier and earlier. This is something I can totally relate to, especially since I started going grey in my early 20’s. Not a fun thing to happen, trust me. Worse yet, hair does not just lose its pigmentation and turn grey, it also becomes unruly, fragile and prone to frizz (think pubic hair on your head).

Grey hair is the result of a lack of pigmentation and the depigmentation of existing melanin. Through six years of intensive research and in close partnership with renowned scientific centers, PHYTO developed a ground-breaking product that treats greying hair at its core through the natural re-pigmentation of grey hair.  Formulated with botanical active ingredients to deliver effective results; Peptide RE30 and Purple Tulip Extract, the dual action treatment regains not only the hair’s natural colour but also its usual strength and flexibility.

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PHYTO RE30 is an anti-grey hair treatment developed without colour pigments that boosts the pigmentation of the hair via melanin synthesis while preventing depigmentation.

The dual action leave-on treatment with no colouring pigments and silicon brings back hair pigments from the roots while restoring hair strength and suppleness. This revolutionary formula with 98% plant extracts fights natural hair whitening by re-pigmentation and protects it from future depigmentation.

Formulated with a unique molecule, Peptide RE30, that is structurally similar to α-MSH biomimetic, the Peptide RE30 mimics its mechanisms and increases melanin synthesis and melanin transfer to help stimulate the natural pigmentation of hair during regrowth, hair grows back naturally pigmented. Its non-sticky and non-oily mist texture come with a fresh and invigorating citrus scent.

The PHYTO RE30 is priced at $100 for 50ml and to use, all you need to do is apply 8 sprays to dry or wet scalp, once a day. Massage to spread the solution on your entire scalp and leave on. This should be used daily after a shower and the bottle has just enough product for a month. You should begin to see results in a month and a half, although this really depends on the state of your scalp/hair.

PHYTO products are available at the following stores: • My Beaute Paris Ion • My Beaute Paris Parkway Parade • Robinsons The Heeren • Robinsons Raffles City • Robinsons JEM • Metro Centrepoint • Metro Paragon • Metro Causeway Point • Guardian

And online at: Lazada, Redmart, Shopee, Zalora, Zilingo.