Face masks are a great and inexpensive way to give your skin some much needed TLC. While some of us may mask daily, most of us apply a sheet or cream mask once a week, which is more than sufficient to get that dewy K-beauty glow.

If you are wondering how often you should be masking, its safe to say that most hydrating masks can be used daily but products with stronger ingredients like exfoliating, detoxifying or anti-aging properties should be used only once or twice a week. Because each of us has our own unique skin type and concern, be sure to pay attention to how your skin reacts post-application to determine if the regimen is working for you.

If you have sensitive skin, I would recommend you consult your dermatologist before deciding on if a face mask a day is for you. Masks that are detoxing or pore purifying should be used not more than once a week as they can be quite drying, even for those of you with oily or acne-prone skin types.

peel off mask Activated charcoal, when used in a face mask binds to and helps pull the dirt out of your pores, making them less visible. But don’t go overboard. While you can safely use this once or twice a week, anything more can soak up the natural oils and moisture in your skin and cause over drying and irritation.

While masks are indeed great for your skin, you can take it too far by leaving it on for too long. This is especially true for masks with ingredients that can be drying, like those with clay or acids, which can do more damage than good if not used according to the directions on the back of the pack. And if clay masks are your thing, be sure to rinse it off before it gets to the flaky, cracked stage to protect your skin.

Face masks little godsends that can help help fix most skin concerns. In fact the right face mask can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils or even help improve the appearance of your pores.

But no matter how tempting it may be, something you should not do, is reuse the same sheet mask. The last thing you want to do is reintroduce any dirt and bacteria from your face into the mask packet, by re-soaking and reusing the same mask, trust me, its really not worth it.

So now that you know the basics of face masking, go on and get yourself one and enjoy some R&R and look out for our Top 5 Face Masks story that is scheduled to come out in the next few months!