Irish Coffee is one of the all-time classic after-dinner cocktails. Done right, it’s a creamy, decadent concoction that’s both bracing and eye-opening, a dessert and a drink all at once. It’s the perfect cocktail to end an epic dinner with both coffee and whiskey in the same cup.

However not all Irish Coffees are created equal. But we may have just found the best way to make an incredible Irish Coffee every time – a recipe that perfectly marries whiskey and coffee in one decadent drink.

Check out the full recipe below:

2 oz premium Irish Whiskey
0.5 oz Brown Sugar Almond Syrup
6 oz coarse Ground Coffee


Build all ingredients in a warm Irish Coffee mug. Top with generous dollop of Vanilla scented whipped cream. Garnish with freshly grated orange zest.

To make the Vanilla Scented Whipped Cream

1 cup fresh whipping cream
1 tbsp. powdered sugar
1 tsp. pure vanilla syrup
Whip the cream until you get soft peaks. Add sugar and extract and whip until incorporated. Store in fridge.
Yield: about 2 cups (10 servings)

To make the Brown Sugar Almond Syrup

2 cups Sugar in the Raw
1 cup Water
1 tsp. Almond Extract
In a blender, combine sugar and water and blend until sugar is dissolved. Add extract and blend until incorporated.