Good news for all Xiao Long Bao lovers out there. The Legendary Ramen Master, helmed by Master Wang (who hails from Xi’an in China), has extended their popular Xiao Long Bao buffet to their Northpoint City branch. 

Buffet diners can enjoy unlimited servings of four different flavours of Xiao Long Bao (XLB), which includes the original flavour XLB, cheese flavour XLB, crab roe XLB and clam XLB. 

The buffet also features what we were told were the world’s first Kurobuta black pork Xiao Long Baos. Diners at the buffet will be entitled to 2 pieces of the Kurobuta.

kurobuta pork XLBDuring the tasting session, the seafood flavoured XLBs were the crowd favourites. The crab roe XLB was full of flavour and had little chunks of flavoursome crab meat in it. The clams impart a delicate sweetness to the Clam XLB and are my personal favourite.

The Kurobuta Black Pork XLB was extra juicy and definitely the most insta-friendly with its signature black skin.

The best XLBs are usually the ones that have the thinnest skin that can hold in all the soup and filling without breaking. While Master Wang is able to make an XLB by using just 4 grams of dough (and sometimes 3 grams) – to make an XLB with the thinnest skin possible, the current chefs are capable of making XLB that uses 5 grams of dough. Machine-made XLBs sold in the supermarket typically weigh between 6 to 8 grammes.

It takes at least three months of training and constant practice to master the art of perfecting an XLB. In order to master the art of La Mian making was even more demanding. We were told that each La Mian Master had to be trained for at least a year! 

So if you are tempted to skip the hand-made noodles to make space for more XLBs, you will be missing one of the highlights of the buffet.

Each buffet diner gets to choose one freshly handmade noodle dish and the flavours include La Mian with Scallion, Zhajiang Mian or Mala Sweet Potato Noodles. 

1 x Lamian w_ Scallion
La Mian with Scallion

The Mala Sweet Potato Noodles has a full-bodied soup base and would be a great choice for those who love their food hot and spicy. 

Surprisingly, it was the “simplest” noodle dish, the Scallion Noodles which I fell in love with at the tasting session. The simple sauce and garnish add just the right amount of flavour to the noodles, allowing one to fully appreciate the texture of the noodles.

The noodles one would say were “QQ”, as in having the right balance of “bounciness” and chewiness, and cooked al dente. 

Promotion details:

Kurobuta XLB masterwang

29983565_577720819268019_6926657491094809969_oFree-flow Xiao Long Bao & Dimsum Buffet: Now Until 30th April 2018 

Includes unlimited servings of the following:
– XiaoLongBao (Traditional / Normal / Clam / Crab Roe)
– Shanghai Siew Mai
– Banana Roll
– Steam Bun
– Spring Roll
– Samosa
– Seaweed With Enoki Mushroom
– Bean Paste Chicken Cubes
– Spicy Black Fungus

– Limited to 2 x Kurobuta Xiaolongbao per pax
– Free 1 x Lamian w/ Scallion or Zhajiang Mian or Mala Sweet Potato Noodles

Time limit: 80 Mins

Mon-Fri $26.80++ (Adult), $16.80++ (Child below 12yrs)
Sat-Sun $29.80++ (Adult), $19.80++ (Child below 12yrs)

Address: Yishun Northpoint, # B1-51

Opening Hours: 10.30am to 9.30pm daily

For Reservations, call: 67536978

Lifestyle Writer Sherri with Master Wang