Apart from our teeth, our eyebrows are one of the most important features of our face. That’s why it’s truly worth going the extra mile to have them done by someone who truly understands what it means to “shape” one’s brows according to one’s facial features. 

A true brow artist will factor in your features, your face shape, your skin colour and your age before she even attempts to draw your brows. She will also diplomatically tell you if the brows you want are not suitable for your facial features and trust me, you will thank her for her honesty.

No more drawing your brows
An end to having to draw your brows every morning?

Allure Beauty Saloon has been giving people beautiful brows for over 16 years. They use the Golden Ratio to divide the face into three-sections, to ensure that the brows are in perfect proportion to each individual’s features. Their new Signature Misty Brows is a new technique developed by their principal trainer Michelle Liew, who was personally trained by the founder of Allure; Angel Tnee.

Allure Saloon
Kristen together with Joey Tnee at the Allure outlet at City Square Mall
Allure media event
Kristen at the Misty Eye Brow media launch with Allure owner Joey Tnee

The Signature Misty Brows give you a soft, very natural pair of brows that are drawn with dual layers of embroidery. This technique ensures that the brows look more natural and last longer (2 years or longer – depending on your skin type). A base layer is first embroidered over bare skin to prep it for better colour penetration from the second layer of embroidery, where each individual hair is painstakingly drawn on, to create a pair of beautiful and natural looking brows. The Signature Misty Brows are priced between $1477 – $3,880 and take approximately two hours to complete.

Just imagine how much time you could save by skipping the whole brow drawing rigamarole every morning? With Allure’s Signature Misty Eyebrow Embroidery, you can literally pop out of bed each morning with perfect brows.

To find out more about their embroidery treatments and prices, contact Allure Beauty Saloon here!