We’ve probably all got a coffee-maker hanging around somewhere in our homes, ready to brew up a dependable cuppa joe at any given time of the day. But when we really need a strong cup of the good stuff, there’s obviously no comparing with barista-grade coffee from our favourite high street coffee shop.

But if some brands have their way, this may all look set to change…

Coffee has become more than merely an early-morning kick starter, or an aid to an all-nighter. As our palates have become more refined, its become apparent that an ordinary cup of instant at home just won’t do anymore.

Both celebrated chef and now his own brand, Heston Blumenthal – and award-winning coffee kings Melitta Barista have approached this problem in the shape of two very innovative machines:

Sage by Heston Blumenthal.

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This machine makes you an accomplished barista, regardless of your skills. You just swipe and select the coffee you’re after and… Oh, that’s it. As for set up, just chuck in your preferred coffee beans, milk and water and you’re ready to go. Did we mention it cleans itself? Sells itself too, really.

TS Smart by Melitta Barista.

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Melitta have a new bean-to-cup machine that could make baristas redundant. Intuitive and ultra simple to use (the TS stands for “touch and slide”, just to reinforce the point) and offering every caffeine-based beverage you can think of (from espresso, macchiato and Americano, through to cappuccino and latte), the coffee is fantastic every time.

And it gets better. As well as looking great, Melitta have their own app which can be used to set the TS Smart to deliver your perfect coffee using Bluetooth connectivity. Oh, and one more thing: the TS Smart only needs to be descaled and internally cleaned once a year!