Inhale… Exhale… You might have been doing this since the day you were born, but modern life can bring about bad habits even in the way we breathe, that affect us in all aspects of our lives…

Recent research shows the positive impact deep breathing has on our ability to deal with stress. Learning how to manage your emotions and remain calm under pressure impacts your productivity and creativity. In fact recent research conducted with over a million people, found that 90 per cent of top performers are skilled in remaining calm under stress.

Luckily for us, we can all learn to breathe better and keep stress in check. Most of the time we only use the top third of our lungs, especially when we are stressed. It’s the bottom third of our lungs, however, that supply two thirds of our breathing capacity. As a result, our cognitive abilities go slack, we have trouble staying alert and often just have less fun.


There are plenty of ways to breathe more deeply, but one of the best approaches to use is the five-six-seven method:

1. Breathe in through your nose for a count of five, feel your belly expanding.
2. Hold that breath for a count of six.
3. Blow out through your mouth for a slow count of seven.
4. Repeat until you feel calm and connected.

Breathing well: it’s the secret to a happy and healthy life!