It’s not every day you’re invited to taste a drink made from Unicorn Blood, Berry of Rage, and Seeds of Longevity. Sounds intimidating, but I’m usually not perturbed by drinks like this if they’ve got some alcohol in them. Thankfully these did.

Kuvo 189829b.jpg

So, taking a step back and giving everyone some context, Elixir is a bar attached to the Kuvo Restaurant. As part of the Lifestyle Collective editorial team, I was invited for a food tasting of the restaurant’s Lunar New Year menu, which was excellent, but I’ll leave it to the experts to share their thoughts about that with you. My role was to test their alchemy-inspired cocktail menu after dinner.

It’s a hard job, but hey someone’s gotta do it.


Bar_2DSC05117DSC05113Inspired by the real and fictional alchemist labs from the Middle Ages, Elixir offers a different experience from your standard speakeasy. It is a stark change from the opulence and brightness of the restaurant as you feel like you’re in a completely different place, even if it is not 13 metres from where you had dinner.

Young, but seasoned and talented bartender, Vladyslav Buzko, is the mastermind behind the concept and makes sure the whole experience follows the medieval fantasy theme.

Kuvo 186203.jpg

The seating at the bar is the ideal location for a show, as the cocktails often have a fiery ingredient or two, but mostly because Vladyslav and his staff put a lot of effort into ‘brewing’ your cocktail.

If there is a change to the layout, I would suggest a more intimate bar feel, as beyond the bar it does lose a bit of its flavour and follows a generic layout.

Rating: 7/10

The alchemy-inspired cocktails

I can forgive any mishap or issues with the bar as long as the drinks are good. This is why I try to make sure I take note of my initial impressions well before I even taste a drink. Otherwise, I’d share a rather biased review.

So questions asked and bar layout inspected I ordered my first drink.

I’m a gin man, so my first choice was Aphrodite’s Secret, a dry and well-balanced gin cocktail. The ingredients included Heart of Swarm, Chamboard, Slime of Snail, Drooling of Ant, Sweet Syrup (this one was where imagination failed them), Roses of Oblivion. (see the legend at the end of this article)

This drink was exactly what I’d expect from a quality classic cocktail bar. Dry to the taste, and not sweet, it was a smooth drink to sip during a night out. Priced at a reasonable S$23 (for Singapore), it would fit well in any menu.

Kuvo 189762

Aphrodite’s Secret: 7.5/10

My next drink was the complete opposite, as I tried the Tykhe. This tequila-based cocktail was sweet and fruity, giving me the sense I was drinking a delicious cocktail by the beach, but without the irritating sand all over the place.

The ingredients didn’t disappoint either, boasting Grain of Time, Tears of Happiness, and Drooling of Ant. The least imaginative ingredient was the dragon fruit juice but gave the cocktail that sweet fruity flavour, which proved to be a favourite amongst the entire Lifestyle Collective team.

The drink would set you back S$22.

Kuvo 189909

Tykhe: 8.5/10

My final drink I was able to review before I started to get drunk distracted was the Heracles Force, a bourbon-based drink. I had mine changed to a scotch whiskey, as I tend to dislike the smoky bourbon flavour.

This brought me right back to the bar, as it was similar to Aphrodite’s Secret, in that it was well balanced, strong, and had a strong flavour without being overpowering. Definitely not beach cocktail vibe, but a good drink to sip during a night out.

I believe a bourbon version might have been a bit smoother, but the whiskey didn’t make it hard to drink and overall a solid staple for any cocktail bar.

Kuvo 189812 1.jpg

Heracles Force: 7.5/10

Overall Impressions

The strong impression I got from this bar was that it would make a great first date place because it’s centrally located, but not in the busiest part of town. It isn’t over-priced and has a unique factor to it that makes it memorable.

The drinks were good, offering a variety of the unique to the usual classics that every good cocktail bar offers. Therefore, it should suit even the fussiest drinkers out there.

The vibe wasn’t too pretentious that I feel can sometimes make a great cocktail bar lose some of its fun and forces an uncomfortable ambience for someone just looking for a fun night out with friends and good alcohol.

I would rate this a solid 8/10 if you’re looking for a night out.

You can find them at 321 Orchard Rd, #02-01 Orchard Shopping Centre, 238866, right next 313 Somerset.