“It’s too early to look your age, you should look like how old you feel instead! Here’s how you can stay young – follicularly speaking” – PHYTODENSIA.

PHYTODENSIA Shampoo - Serum - Mask

Most of us don’t think twice about incorporating yet another step or two into our already packed anti-ageing skincare regimen  – but when it comes to our hair, a monthly touchup of colour is often all the care it gets.

Many of us don’t realise that hair ageing is far more than just the physical greying of our hair. As hair ages, it gets thinner, drier, damaged and devitalized. Have you noticed that our grey hair tends to have a more frizzy, almost kinky texture than our normal hair?

This is because hair ageing takes place at both the level of the hair shaft and the follicle.  As it ages, it gets thinner and loses density as the roots become weaker. As time passes, hair becomes dull and fragile – losing its buoyancy and suppleness. It often also becomes harder to style as it also gets much drier, resulting in more fall out.

Many internal and external factors also contribute to the speed and extent to which our hair ages. Internal factors such as genetics and hormones combined with external factors like UV radiation, pollution, smoking, diet, and our lifestyle all affect how fast or slowly our hair ages. PHYTO, recognizing the main signs of hair ageing, developed PHYTODENSIA to rejuvenate ageing hair to its former vitality.

Plumping Shampoo 200ml, S$45

The first step in any hair care ritual is cleansing. This gentle pumping shampoo cleanses the hair and creates a remarkably light lather. Every wash targets the scalp and the capillary fibre to restore volume and youth – leaving hair light, soft and full of body and bounce. This sulfate-free lightweight shampoo smells delightfully of pears and peach flowers and musk and vanilla.

Fluid Plumping Mask 175ml, S$85

This lightweight mask, infused with restructuring active ingredients can be used as a conditioner. It leaves hair revitalized and full of body. The hyaluronic acid and acacia collagen penetrate deep into the hair fibre – recharging, shielding and protecting the hair cuticle, thus keeping hair hydrated and easy to brush.

PLUMPING SERUM ( A.K.A The Anti-Aging Star) 30ml, S$65

This non-oily and beautifully scented fortifying elixir functions just like a booster that works from the roots up to transform devitalized hair from within. Recommended application is three times a week after a shower on a clean dry or damp scalp. With every use, hair begins to look healthier and more youthful.

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