The first thing you must do, as painful as it might seem in some instances is to take a few moments, look back on 2017 and ask yourself some questions… What did you achieve that you were proud of? What did you not get around to doing that you would like to do this year? Where did you experience the most satisfaction? What areas of your life didn’t work out so well? What lessons did you learn and what did you discover about yourself? Your answers to these questions will provide you with the building bricks you’ll need to help build a strong foundation for a great new year ahead.

Set A Goal

When we put our mind to something we really want to do, it is totally achievable. All you have to do is believe it. Believing you can, means you will. So what do you need to do to motivate yourself to make that happen? Now is the time to make an action plan to get a goal achieved this year. Don’t forget to choose a goal that interests you and plot your progress as you go. Remember, we become what we repeatedly do.