If you are having a stab at going zero-waste, we applaud you and wish there were more people who gave a sh** about the planet and all its inhabitants. However, you should know that this journey does not come without its unique set of challenges.


Zero-waste is not a walk in the park…

Going zero-waste is hard, let’s get that straight, but if you do give it a shot, good on you. But be realistic and start small, so you are less likely to give it up. You can try taking the Plastic Free July Challenge or even try going a week without a takeaway cup and be more mindful of how many plastic bags you’re using – because every action does some good.

If the supermarket packer does not listen to your request for no plastic or to pack it all into one bag, simply unpack the extra bag and return it politely to her and explain briefly why you are doing so. Most people think they are doing you a favour double-bagging your groceries, but if they understood the harmful effects of their actions, they would think twice before doing it again.

But there is a silver lining…

The best benefit, other than not destroying the planet, of course, is that when you adopt a zero-waste lifestyle, you will find that your health, skin, weight and overall wellbeing will improve by leaps and bounds. This is because everything you eat is fresh and made from scratch, so there is no chance of anything bad entering your system.

Don’t get mad when…

You are confronted by people who don’t understand why you want to go zero-waste. Some people (a certain twitter loving president of a country beginning with the letter “A” being one) think that global warming is a bunch of nonsense sprouted by crazy tree-hugging conspiracy theorists and unfortunately, there are many from that school of thought.

But as Warren Buffett famously said, “People will always try to stop you from doing the right thing if it is unconventional.” This is because, for some reason, people often feel uncomfortable when someone does not go with the flow. So when you are faced with rudeness and a refusal to accept or respect your decision to do something constructive to save what’s remaining of the planet, just brush them off as you would do a pesky fly and persevere, because every little thing we do, good or bad, makes an impact on the big picture.

For affordable zero-waste items, you can visit two of our favourite sites: Trove of Gaia and Iherb. For tips about going plastic-free, you can click here!

If a Zero-Waste Lifestyle is not for you, we totally understand but do try and make small changes in your life that can have a positive impact on the planet and our eternally growing mountains of plastic and non-biodegradable waste.