Did you know that dryer sheets can take years to break down and are full of harmful chemicals? So not only are dryer sheets and conventional fabric softeners not good for the environment, they are also not good for you.

Dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener can cause eczema, and coat your clothing with chemicals. Wool dryer balls, on the other hand, are an all-natural, chemical-free and speedier alternative to dry clothes and soften fabrics. In the drier, fabric usually tends to stick together, slowing down the drying process. These little wool balls absorb moisture from clothing in the dryer, maintaining a more humid environment, resulting in less static. In addition to reducing static, they also reduce drying time and fluff-up clothes.


Dryer balls can be used to replace dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener, which saves money over time. Dryer sheets and fabric softener aren’t very expensive, but the same set of dryer balls can be used for years and are much more eco- and skin- friendly. They work together in the tumble dryer to mechanically soften fabrics without the harmful chemicals found in fabric softener and dryer sheets. The tumble dryer balls lift and separate the laundry whilst drying, thus reducing drying time and creasing.

Dryer balls last from two to four years and for over 1,000 loads – which greatly minimizes waste and pollution.

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