Everyone has a friend or a family member who is totally obsessed with computer and digital technology. You know – the ones who are usually far more comfortable in the company of their Macbooks than actual people.  

Well, electronics company Anki may just have created the perfect companion for our favourite tech-heads… Cozmo!


He may be small in size, but Cozmo comes packed with big ideas and sophisticated tech.

He fits in the palm of your hand and has been designed to interact with his human companion as soon as he’s out of his box. Cozmo is foremost a toy but a complex AI brain means that he has the capacity to learn, evolve and actually develop a personality based on how he interacts with you and the amount of time you spend together:

You can also tap into Cozmo’s AI interface by learning to code.

This involves using an app on a compatible iOS or Android device. This gives you access to high-level robotics functions that evolve Cozmo even further.

He’s a little fella, but Cozmo definitely has a big personality. Even for those of us who are less tech-savvy, it is actually exciting to wonder at the potential for this little robot to grow in character and intelligence!

Find out more about Cozmo at https://www.anki.com/en-us/cozmo