It’s a New Year and like many of us, you’ve probably made a mile-long list of resolutions that you most likely will not keep. Sticking to a list of resolutions is not easy, especially if it involves big lifestyle changes (us humans are creatures of habit and often baulk at change).

This is why we have come up with some easy-to-adopt changes that anyone can accommodate in their lives, without much if any effort and the impact it will have on the planet and its dwindling resources will be huge!

Some of these suggestions are fairly easy to follow, but others may be quite challenging, so don’t stress, just adapt any of them to fit your own personal needs – and here’s to a happy and sustainable 2018!

1. Try to go meatless once a week. Unless you are a huge carnivore, this is actually not hard to do at all and your body will thank you for it. Here’s a tip, try Quorn (click here to read more about it) it looks and tastes exactly like chicken, and I swear, you won’t know the difference.
2. Say NO to plastic straws. You don’t need a straw and if you do, purchase a reusable stainless steel one that you can carry around with you.
3. Switch out one disposable item every week or month throughout the year. It may not sound like much, but if you stopped using plastic cups or plastic bags, imagine how many cups and bags you would be saving from entering the landfill in a year?
4. Only buy coffee if your reusable cup is handy. All those paper and plastic cups are just going to end up in a landfill or tossed into the ocean. Try and avoid using those plastic stirrers too. They are just wasteful and honestly pointless. You can ask your barista to add liquid sugar to your drink instead.
5. Be the bigger person. If you see litter, it isn’t beneath you to toss it into the bin. I know it’s not your mess, but if all of us were more thoughtful, the world would really be a better and cleaner place.
6. Give up one item that comes in a non-recyclable package for the whole year. Things like crisps, plastic wrapped candy etc., come in packaging that is not recyclable. Giving it up for a year might seem like torture, but your new figure at the end of the year will have you skipping that treat permanently.
7. Switch to LED lights in your house. We just switched the whole house to LED and they are great. They are bright and use far less energy (think lower monthly utility bills) and don’t need to be changed for years.
8. Challenge yourself to only buy used items this year. There is nothing wrong with buying something pre-loved. Not only are we saving (lots of) money, we are also hugely impacting the amount of waste that the fashion and other commercial industries make in producing fast disposable products that we don’t really need.
9. Research and purchase in-season only produce at the grocery stores. Locally grown or in-season produce is often fresher and much cheaper than their out of season counterparts, so save money and buy in-season vegetables and fruits!
10. Say NO to plastic! At the supermarket, the bakery or any store, just say NO to plastic. You will most likely get a few confused stares from the checkout person, but we don’t need our bread roll double or triple packed in plastic…really.