AM & PM Essentials was launched in Singapore in August this year, as the next evolution of vitamin and mineral supplements for the human body.

Using cellular technology, the supplements are designed to increase daily energy levels and to maintain optimal health.


“I am excited to share with Singaporeans, the science behind this technology so that they can make better informed choices for their health.” 

Dr. Vincent Giampapa is a world leader in anti-aging medical surgery and a strong proponent of stem cell therapy and advanced regenerative medicine research. He was nominated in 2014 for a Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking research in cellular restoration technology, and is a strong believer that cellular technology can manipulate the body’s aging process by allowing for the regeneration and reparation of cells.

Former Journalist Sherri, Dr. Giampapa, and Kristen from Lifestyle Collective.


Dr. Giampapa explains how AM & PM Essentials works: