Dry skin is a common condition that occurs when your skin loses too much moisture. Several factors can contribute to this problem, including hot or cold weather, low humidity, long hot showers or baths, harsh soaps or other skin products, and certain medical conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

When left untreated, dry skin can become more severe and lead to itching, flaking, cracking, and even infections. It’s essential to treat dry skin early to prevent further complications and discomfort.

Dry skin is an indicator that the skin barrier is compromised. Once the skin barrier is compromised, it is more likely to become irritated and sensitive, which is why moisturising yourself is the best way to combat this. Here are some dermatologist-approved techniques to help heal your skin while you sleep. 

Skin Flooding 

Skin flooding has been making the rounds on TikTok, but this is an old-school tried and tested tip dermatologists swear by. All you need to do is apply your serums and moisturizers on top of damp skin. 

This works because damp skin helps to seal in moisture. It also allows for better penetration of your moisturiser, making it more effective.

Yes To Oil-Based Cleansers 

An oil-based cleanser is one of the easiest ways to infuse more moisture to your skincare routine. In addition to removing even the most stubborn makeup, dirt, and oil from your skin, it gives skin a nice boost of moisture compared to gels and foams.

Skin Slugging 

Another TikTok Tok fave, slugging your skin helps to lock in moisture. Petroleum jelly is an occlusive ingredient, which means it creates a barrier over your skin that prevents water loss. Be sure to apply a very thin layer as the final step of your skincare routine (but do avoid your eye area if you are prone to milea), wait about 30 minutes, before jumping into bed. 

AHA Cream On Feet Under Your Socks 

If you suffer from dry hands or feet, apply a thick layer of a balmy lotion, cream, or ointment—preferably one containing 10% AHAs—then cover with breathable cotton gloves or sock. The product helps soften and exfoliate skin while the cloth covering creates humidity which boosts results.

Invest In A Humidifier For Your Bedroom 

Even if you live in a humid country like Singapore, your air conditioner can decrease indoor air humidity, which can cause dry and itchy skin as you sleep. While we would never suggest you skip the zircon, definitely not with in our climate, you can negate its drying effects with a humidifier.