By Audrey Tan

Remember the travel bucket list you carved out of boredom during lockdown? Well, it’s finally time to bring it out and start planning your long-awaited trip of a lifetime! 

After a couple of years stuck indoors or confined to their locality, wanderlusters are yearning to travel and explore the world again. Those lucky enough to save up during this downtime are looking to splurge on their bucket-list destinations, going all out in vengeance for the years lost. This is why bucket-list travelling is becoming THE trend for 2023! 

As airlines return to their usual busy schedules, people are seizing this opportunity to go big. But what does this mean?

Hopping On The Bucket-List Travel Trend

For many, travel funds have been untouched for the past couple of years, so travellers are ready to splurge. The pandemic has shown us that anything can change in a blink of an eye. Consciously or subconsciously, many of us are realising the importance of living in the moment. 

While some vacationers are taking this opportunity to indulge in short luxurious trips, some opt to spend as much time as possible exploring once-in-a-lifetime destinations. There are also the lucky ones who can afford to do both. 

Choosing Where To Go

Location-wise, think exotic, epic, bucket-list destinations like Maldives, Bali, Galápagos Islands, Machu Picchu, The Alps, South America, Thailand, and the list goes on. Whether it’s a tropical island or a magical winter wonderland, people are choosing to go to places they’ve always dreamed of or never thought were possible. This also comes with a newfound appreciation that each trip is a privilege.  

If you love animals, hop on an African safari tour to see your favourite creatures in their natural habitat, getting as close as you can get! I would love to visit all the world’s natural wonders, such as the Northern Lights in Iceland, Victoria Falls in Africa, and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! The bucket-list travel trend is all about dreaming BIG.

Splurge To Relax And Indulge

Some silver linings that came out of the pandemic are that more people are prioritising wellbeing. Previously, holidays were seen as an opportunity to indulge. Today, there’s been a shift towards travelling to get in touch with oneself, grow spiritually and explore wellness experiences. For this reason, the bucket-list travel trend sees travellers opting for longer, slower-paced trips with relaxation, wellness, and mental health as a priority. 

If you’re looking for a digital detox, book a flight to Peru, where the abundance of nature and spirituality will make your digital devices feel out of place. But don’t worry, there’s so much to do, see, feel and experience that you will be energised after the trip. For an all-inclusive wellness retreat, you can find plenty of resorts in tranquil places like Turks and Caicos, St Lucia, Bali, or the Himalayas! There’s nothing better than a holiday filled with relaxation, yoga, and healthy eating to rejuvenate the body. 

Going All In To Live In The Moment

People are no longer travelling just “for the ‘gram”; it is more about living in the moment while seeking new, unfamiliar, unforgettable experiences. Step outside of your comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in whichever destination you traverse. The culture, food, and unique, stimulating experiences can give you a new and refreshing outlook on life. 

If watching Anthony Bourdain’s Japan episode of Parts Unknown made you curious about The Land of the Rising Sun, trust me, go for it! It may be daunting at first to travel to an unknown place for the first time, but once you give it a chance, it can be pretty addictive! You’ll notice that no matter where you go or how foreign it may be to you, you’ll always find friendly, warm, and honest people.

So, what are you waiting for? Now’s your chance to bring the pictures of surreal destinations saved in your Instagram folder to life! It goes without saying, but COVID-19 is still a cause for concern, and we must travel responsibly. Although masks are no longer a mandate, I still believe in wearing them whenever I can because it’s not just about protecting myself but respecting people in the places I’m visiting. 

If we want to continue travelling without restrictions, we must do our part to protect ourselves and others around us because we don’t want another pandemic or lockdown to happen, do we? 

With that in mind, go all out and discover the world (safely), my loves! Hopping on the bucket-list travel trend is an excellent way to make up for lost time and create precious, unforgettable memories you can cherish for a lifetime. No matter how you choose to do it, just remember to go all in and treat yourself!