By Audrey Tan

They say blondes have more fun but add in some cool funky patterns, and you get fashion’s latest y2k-inspired trend—hair painting! Remember when Nicki Minaj stepped out in public with leopard print spots spray-painted on her hair? We were confused but completely obsessed! 

Recently, many celebrities have been rocking hair-painted looks. The trend is also blowing up on social media, so we just had to discuss it. Influencers and others are making hair painting popular and showcasing its versatility as an art form.

What Is Hair Painting?

It involves colouring hair with various painting techniques and using one or a combination of interesting shapes/patterns to create dramatic, artistic looks. Think flowers, geometric shapes, tiger stripes, flames or even special characters—as long as you can paint it on your hair, you have a look! But is hair painting really an art form?

Artistic Vs Technical Skill

Some may argue that hair painting is simply a technical skill that can be learned through practice and training and does not require the same creativity and imagination as other art forms. However, this argument fails to consider the essential artistic qualities for creating truly unique and innovative hair designs. 

Hair painting is about creating a visually striking and aesthetically pleasing look. Achieving this requires an understanding of colour theory, an eye for detail, plus a great deal of both artistic and technical skill. Hair painters need to select the right shades and tones to create a cohesive and visually appealing look while also being able to apply colour in a way that creates depth and texture.

It Requires A Lot Of Creativity, Imagination, And Artistic Flair 

While the right skills are essential, there must also be much creativity, imagination, and artistic flair when coming up with a look. Compared to other art forms such as painting, the canvas for hair painting (a.k.a the hair) changes from person to person. Therefore, not every design will work for everyone. 

The artist must be able to envision a final result that is unique and original while also considering the hair type, texture, and skin tone. You must think outside the box and experiment with different colour combinations and techniques to have a design truly stand out.

Since it’s unrealistic for us mere mortals and non-celebs to sport a new look every week, many beauty bloggers are learning to get nifty by trying different tools. Many hair painting gurus use temporary paint, tattoos, wigs, and extensions to preserve natural locks while experimenting with the trend. 

Poppy Ellah is a famous makeup artist and content creator from the UK who posts makeup tutorials on Instagram. She filmed a hair painting tutorial using liquid eyeshadows; her final result was AH-MA-ZING.

Then there are also the daredevils who aren’t afraid to go all in. They go the extra mile by shaving it all off or even bleaching their hair to achieve the perfect hair-painted look. Jackie Bieber is a hair stylist from Los Angeles who specialises in shorter hairstyles, adding that a buzzcut serves as a much better canvas for hair painting. She calls her designs “buzzsigns”, and they’re raking up millions of views on her Instagram page! Because of this trend, many fashionistas are rocking buzz cuts that speak their identity. 

The Transformative Power Of Hair Painting

One of the most compelling arguments for hair painting as an art form is its transformative power. A person can have a completely new look and even create a new identity for themselves through hair painting. It can be used as a form of expression to showcase one’s individuality and sense of style. It can also be used to convey a message or to simply make a statement.

Inspiring Emotional Reactions

Like the emotional impact that other art forms such as paintings and sculptures can evoke, hair painting can also have a profound effect. The person sporting the new hair-do can feel more confident, empowered, beautiful, and more in touch with themselves. For everyone else around them, seeing someone with their hair painted in such a way can be a mood lifter and brighten up a dull day. And just like admiring other art forms, hair painting will get people talking about this art too. 

I think it is crucial to recognise that hair painting is truly an art form that calls for a unique blend of technical mastery, creativity, and imagination. It has the power to completely transform a person’s look and identity while providing an outlet to express one’s individual look and identity. 

Hair painting isn’t just another trend; it is much more than that. It is an art form that is here to stay and will continue to inspire and amaze us for years to come. If this post inspired you, head over to Instagram or TikTok to find some fantastic examples. Prepare to be blown away!