By Julie-Ann Sherlock

In the age of social media, influencers have become increasingly important in every industry, and plants are no exception. With the meteoric rise of interest in gardening and houseplants (thanks partly to COVID lockdowns), plant parent influencers have sprouted up all over the internet. They have grown vibrant and passionate communities of green-thumbed individuals seeking advice, inspiration, and knowledge. 

These budding influencers have something to offer whether you’re a beginner or an experienced plant parent. From helpful tips on plant care to creative designs for your home, these plant parent influencers have revolutionised how we view plants and interact with them. So, if 2023 is the year you’re turning over a new leaf and embracing the green-fingered lifestyle, these five influencers are worth following.

M’Kenna Joe (@Mkennajoe

This self-described “plant mom” from Fargo, North Dakota, has grown an 18.8K following on Instagram and has branched out into TikTok with over 400k likes. M’Kenna Joe delivers stunning pictures of her plant-filled home and tutorial videos on everything from how to water your plants correctly to creating new neural pathways in her brain by eating using her left hand! 

This quirky, fun and wholesome influencer will entertain and charm you but may also have the answer to how to rescue your dying hibiscus. Remember, plant mom knows best so take her advice on board to keep your plant family alive and thriving.  

Tierra Sol Studio (@Tierrasolstudio

From plant murderers to successful plant parents, Seana and Yair are the perfect pair to follow if you have been a failure in the plant parenting arena up until now. With a mix of science, design and fun, Tierra Sol Studio offer solutions for growing plants when you are not naturally a gardener. 

They make and sell beautiful plant containers, perfected soil mixes and homegrown plants, which arrive with fool-proof instructions for keeping them alive. Get soil on your hands instead of the blood of your plants and become a green-fingered legend with their help. 

The ZEN Succulent® (@Thezensucculent)

One of the original plant influencers, Megan George and her mother, Margaret, have been promoting their love of succulent plants since 2012 when Megan set up the Zen Succulent. They have two bricks-and-mortar shops in North Carolina and an eCommerce site supplying everything you need to grow these hardy plants. 

Their social media channels are brimming with ideas, advice and inspiration for those who wish to bring a little plant zen into their lives. Meanwhile, Megan’s book Modern Terrarium Studio will help take you from sucking at keeping plants alive to having a gorgeous terrarium full of living beauties. 

Craig Miller-Randle (@Craigmilran) 

With over 237K followers on Insta, TV presenting gigs and a book to his name, Craig Miller-Randle is one of Australia’s most celebrated design and plant gurus. Craig can help even a novice gardener become a knowledgeable plant parent by offering easy-to-follow guides to growing plants, design inspiration, and advice on choosing the right plants for your home. 

If you can successfully keep your flowers blooming, follow him for fantasy-home-level plant styling tips. Warning: you may go green-eyed with jealousy over his stunning designs. 

Darryl Cheng (@Houseplantjournal)

Toronto-based Darryl Cheng has also written a book, The New Plant Parent, offering newbies a lifeline to nourishing a leafy family. With over 633K followers on Insta, a thriving website and eCommerce business, Darryl has a wealth of tips and products for anyone considering growing a garden or filling their home with plants. 

His practical approach, helpful blog posts and one-to-one consultation services will help you to bring colour and life to your personal space in an easy-to-follow way. 

Let The Influencers In

If you’re new to the houseplant lifestyle, don’t worry! It takes a little trowel and error to get it right. But, take the fear out of this growing trend by tapping into the knowledge and experience of the above influencers, and soon you will be plant parenting like an expert. From basic plant care to designing beautiful spaces, there is something for everyone among the plant parent influencers.

And, should you be lucky enough to already possess a green thumb or are at least able to keep your plant babies alive, take inspiration, find great products or equipment and be entertained by these plant experts. Let them help you blossom into an even better keeper of plants.

So, if bringing a flourish of flora to your home with verdant vegetation is among your goals for 2023, be leaf in yourself and don’t let your lack of experience be a thorny issue by following the guidance of some plant influencers. I’m rooting for you!

(Oh, and sorry (not sorry) for all the puns; it’s just one of rose things I like to do. What can I say? I am a succa for a plant pun.)