How long we live, does not take into account our quality of life, which is dependent on our health span, and is closely tied to our biological age. With the advancements in science and medicine over the years, ageing research has now entered an unprecedented new era.

It has been observed that the pace of ageing varies from person to person. Biological age at an individual level can be separated from chronological age.  The application of biological age as a measure of an individual’s health status offers new perspectives on the extension of both lifespan as well as healthspan. Unlike lifespan, which tabulates the number of years lived, health span is defined as the number of healthy years one lives, which is far more important. 

That’s where Regenosis comes in. As a leading geroscience and wellness centre in Singapore, they are looking to close the gap on fitness and nutrition literacy, so that more people can improve their health span and live their life to the fullest potential, even in old age. 

With their RealHealth programme, they go in-depth into understanding an individual’s current health, genetics and lifestyle habits and tailor a lifestyle plan according to their genetic and body composition. This includes close consultations with specialists to educate and advise each individual on how best to adjust their lifestyle and ensure that it is done in a sustainable manner, so that it will be continued even after the programme has concluded. 

One big component of the RealHealth Programme is Rejuvant LifeTabs — a supplement that transforms the way we age by introducing Alpha-Ketogluterate (AKG) into our diet. AKG is a key molecule in the Krebs cycle, which determines the overall rate of the citric acid cycle of an organism and is responsible for most of our body’s energy needs.

It is a nitrogen scavenger, a source of glutamate and glutamine that stimulates protein synthesis and inhibits protein degradation in muscles and enhances bone tissue formation. A central metabolic fuel for cells of the gastrointestinal tract as well, AKG has been proven safe and effective in multiple clinical applications – not only does it help in extending lifespan, AKG also prolongs health span by retarding the onset of age-related diseases and ailments (Wu et al., 2016).

Rejuvant LifeTabs with its use of Calcium-AKG is the only health supplement in the world to be clinically-proven to reverse biological age by seven to eight years (Shahmirzadi et al., 2020). However the supplement does not exclusively cater to the elderly, but rather to anyone who is looking to live life healthily, by boosting their vitality, and preventing age-related degenerative diseases which could plague one’s health in the future. 

Distributed by Regenosis, Rejuvant LifeTabs boasts the culmination of twenty years of anti-ageing research by incorporating the use of LifeAKG. LifeAKG, Rejuvant’s proprietary, patent-pending, sustained-release formulation of AKG, is shown to provide more energy, better sleep, weight loss, bodybuilding effects, and even more youthful skin when consumed.

Additionally, whilst other supplements commonly use chemical ingredients like the anti-ageing drug rapamycin and metformin to produce similar age-reversal effects in experimental trials, there is a key difference – AKG is naturally made by our bodies, and it is already considered safe to consume by regulators. According to University of North Dakota ageing researcher Holly Brown-Borg, “The big thing about this (AKG) is that its safety profile is so good“.

Rejuvant LifeTabs retail for $229 and are available for purchase on Shopee and come in Men’s and Women’s Formula.