Howl’s Moving Castle is technically innovative, demonstrating the power of craft as a bridge between the old and new—a creative approach that LOEWE is delighted to share. It combines hand-drawn and digital animation. The main characters from the movie, including Sophie, Howl, the fire demon Calcifer, Markl, Heen, Turnip Head, and the Witch of the Waste, are animated on clothing and accessories in the LOEWE x Howl’s Moving Castle line.

These characters are depicted as leather or shearling intarsia, embroidered on leather or textile, and embellished with crystal and stud inlays on leather. The characters can be found on bags like the Puzzle, Flamenco, Hammock, Amazona, Luna, and Bracelet pouch as well as tiny leather products, sweaters, jackets, and shirts.

They stand out as if they were alive thanks to elements like appliqué, raffia, or feathers. The inner of tweed jackets, as well as the entire surface of shirts and shorts, are emblazoned with movie scenes. A cardigan’s feathers give it a mystical flutter, and each piece’s shapes make the characters the real stars.

Taylor Russell, Rianne Van Rompaey, Oliver O’Sullivan, Hyunji Shin, and the cutest sheep were photographed against a white background in the pictures developed with Juergen Teller to advertise the collection.