Singapore’s oldest tea producer and heritage brand, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. (1872 Clipper Tea), a member of B.P. de Silva Holdings, commemorated the parent company’s 150th anniversary milestone in October last year. The celebratory campaign honoured the brand’s inception as a jewellery boutique along High Street 150 years ago and showcased its unique strength in delivering farm-to-cup teas, advocating tea-drinking experiences and commitment to innovation.

Built upon a foundation of holistic human connections, 1872 Clipper Tea is Singapore’s oldest tea producer helmed by its Executive Director and fifth-generation leader of B.P. de Silva Holdings, Rehan Amarasuriya. The heritage brand is renowned for its commitment to delivering the finest teas from all corners of the world. Working closely with ethical partners towards a sustainable tea industry globally, 1872 Clipper Tea empowers the lives of Sri Lanka’s tea pluckers by championing fair living wages. Its core competency lies in the brand’s unique ability to provide premium quality products of unparalleled freshness alongside immersive customer experiences across an extensive retail network covering more than 200 local establishments.

Tea has become ubiquitous with modern lifestyles. Reinforcing our legacy as Singapore’s oldest tea producer, we want to lead conversations about purposeful farm-to-cup concepts and advocacy in tea culture. We will continue to uphold the artistry and craftsmanship of tea drinking for generations to come.”” – Rehan Amarasuriya, Director of The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. 

To bring its brand values to life, the Tea Bar and Retail Stores offer an immersive experience that allows customers to interact with the brand directly. Shoppers are invited to see, touch and smell premium and award-winning teas, create customised gifts and favours for loved ones. At the Tea Bar, guests can enjoy the taste of refreshing and creative beverages, such as the brand’s signature Traveller’s Series Tea, or purchase curated lifestyle products, including teaware and tea-infused soaps. To inspire the joy of travel through the tea blends, Rehan Amarasuriya created The Travellers’ Series to invoke a sensory indulgence of favourite destinations around the world during the global border closures.

From the careful hand-picking of each leaf by the tea pluckers in Sri Lanka, to the refined processing method used to ensure each brew is of the highest standard, 1872 Clipper Tea thrives on its philosophy of making tea a matter of genuine human relationship. It offers customers the finest teas through its commitment and close ties with ethical partners, for a more sustainable tea industry and improved quality of living for everyone involved.

With effect from 14 October 2022, a limited edition 150th anniversary commemorative gift box set will be available for both in-store and online purchases, whilst stocks last. Paying homage to Ceylon’s finest teas and blue sapphires, the gift set’s design narrative is inspired by the source of single origin tea leaves harvested from one of 1872 Clipper Tea’s plantations on the mountain of Nuwara Eliya, which nurtures 150-year-old tea bushes. An exquisite teaspoon, inlaid with an authentic Ceylon blue sapphire within the handle of the to spoon, that scoops the exact amount required for the perfect cup of tea. For a holistic tea appreciation experience, the gift set comes with a tea pot and a tea cup.