By Lauren Basra

We all know the adage, “new year, new me”, as the mantra is echoed across New Year’s day ambitions worldwide. 

A drastic way to embrace the new is a beautiful new haircut that makes you feel born again and will get people talking! Here are five must-see hairstyles coming into vogue this new year. 

The Shag And All Its Forms

The 70s have returned, and the shaggy mane look has made a complete comeback. With variations like the shaggy bowl cut or the traditional shag, you can personalise this style for how bold you want to be. 

This look is easy to style with a statement fringe and choppy textures; it adds an air of relaxed sophistication to even the most casual outfits. For inspiration, see Billie Eilish and Selena Gomez.

The Mixie: A Pixie Mullet Lovechild

Now, I can already see I’ve lost you, but let me bring you back. The unprecedented popularity of the mullet may be excused by the world entering a global pandemic and the trauma of all the lockdowns. But the love for all things mullet is here to stay. 

A Mixie is the cool younger sister of the mullet. It is a close pixie cut that frames the face, but with the typical mullet hanging chicly to the back of the neck. This is a cut for the coolest woman you know, one who is ready to deal with some attention. Think rock star and you’re halfway there!

The Joan Of Arc: Think Short!

Bored with your medium-length hair that takes forever to style and still falls flat? Well, take the chop and go for a one-inch wonder to take all the pressure of styling off your shoulders (literally!).

This short cut, or, for my natural ladies out there, the short afro, is the perfect way to level up your hair game whilst remaining the most low maintenance. Perfect with statement earrings or a dramatic strapless dress, this hairstyle will show off the most gorgeous accessory: your face. To see some star-studded examples look no further than the Wakanda Forever Black Panther 2 Premiere. 

The Octopus Or The Rachel Reloaded

Put down the soy sauce and stop licking your lips; this is more of an octopus shape than a tasty seafood morsel. The 90s are back in fashion, and the popularity of this haircut has been spearheaded by Gen Z, who have taken the Friends classic and adapted it to the present day with a more modern twist. 

With softly tapered layers that frame the face, this look is perfect for a nonchalant feminine style that oozes “it girl” charm. Rocked by Kaier Gerber and the like, this look is a hot topic right now. 

It is also part of a second trend we are seeing coming to the fore this 2023: that longer is better. 

Let those layers grow long and fluff those edges to start the new year with a romantic look that’s ready for love but hopefully not one with a break!

The Rapunzel 

There is no tower required for this long luscious look, just length, length and more length. 

During the pandemic, we let our hair go a bit wild, and many people made some long styles work for them by growing out their locks.

Some of you will be happy to go for the chop, but there is room for all hair lengths in fashion and for those who want to enjoy the comfort of long fairytale-worthy hair

This style will make anyone look like a princess, thanks to the length alone. But be aware that maintenance for long hair is very high, and washing one’s hair does become a reason to miss a date! 

The right products and styling are paramount for the long look, as, without some TLC, you can go from Princess to Wicked Witch quite quickly. So make sure to take time to learn what your long hair needs to stay lush and strong and keep those ends nice and cared for if you want your hair to be your crowning glory. 

What Will Your New Look Be?

Whether you are on team Rapunzel or Joan of Arc, 2023 is the year for bold statements and strong profiles. Whatever you choose, the chop or length for days, make sure it speaks to you, who you are and what you want the start of your year to look like. 

Remember: A haircut can’t change your life, but it can certainly push you out of your comfort zone and into the way of some exciting things from the universe. Even designer and style icon Coco Chanel said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” The New Year is as good a time as any to change your life and hair!

Happy styling, everyone.