By Gareth C And Terry H

Getting pants that are comfortable and work-appropriate can be tough, especially in Singapore’s weather. Humid and hot don’t begin to describe most days, so having to run across the CBD for meetings can mean a lot of sweating and discomfort, so when our editor asked us to review a pair of pants that are able to literally un-wrinkle itself, we had to give it a try. 

The Air-Flex pants promise to require zero ironing as they are made from a wrinkle-reversing fabric. They are also made from omni-stretch material that promises maximum mobility and comfort and a smooth buttery-feel fabric that provides a cooling and airy feel when worn, plus a magic waistband for a comfortable fit no matter the body type. While all these benefits sound great, we decided to put the pants to a wear-test for two weeks before we sat down and wrote our review.

Terry’s Verdict

As an entrepreneur, my days are usually spent in meetings – virtual and in-person – and on a plane once or twice a month. I wanted to see if the Bottoms Lab Air-Flex Pants were really all they said they were. Especially when it came to the comfort and cooling aspect given the heat and the cramped leg space on planes. 

Initial Impressions

The first thing that struck me was the material. It felt light and robust at the same time – I could be confident in its quality and also not too worried about the sweat. The fit was also very comfortable and didn’t restrict my mobility at all.

If I would change one thing, it would be to have a more tapered fit for the calves and ankles. I prefer to have a slimmer fit for my pants. 

Comfort Level

Wearing the pants while I was on the plane, I began to really appreciate the flexible waistband. You may not know this, but during flights, there is some water retention so you can swell up ever so slightly, which is uncomfortable. The Air-Flex Pants were very comfortable and I didn’t feel any discomfort when I was on the plane.

As someone who plans their meetings to be around the same area quite a lot, I do a lot of walking. Sometimes, a bit of running if I’m late. The pants were very comfortable and didn’t feel heavy or stick to my skin even in the heat. 


This might actually be my favourite feature for the pants. The fact I didn’t have to iron the pants even after a wash was a big deal for me when I was travelling. I have no issues with ironing, but it can be challenging when you’re in an AirBnB or hotel and they just don’t have the right iron or ironing board. 

The pants don’t look freshly pressed coming out of the dryer, but they aren’t crumpled and smoothen out pretty easily once you wear them. 

Overall, I would say these are definitely worth the buy if you’re looking for something durable, work-appropriate for a startup founder, cool in Singapore’s heat and pretty comfortable.

Gareth’s Verdict

Managing a small team of program managers at a big tech company is my day job, as well as being a dad of two kids five and eight years old. In choosing clothes, I’m primarily looking for comfort, and even though everyone at work wears super casual clothes, I find myself tilting towards the smart casual end of the spectrum now that I’m a manager.

The Perfect Pair Of Smart But Comfortable Pants

Bottoms Lab Air-Flex pants to me are the perfect pair of pants. They’re comfortable and light, which makes them great for a smart casual office look. I was able to move around freely in these pants without feeling hot or sweaty, and they also looked great with a t-shirt and casual shoes.

A pair of Bottoms Lab Air-Flex pants is the smart choice if you want to stay cool outdoors or warm inside your centrally air-conditioned freezer, a.ka. the office. The stretch material used in this product is also very light and airy, so it won’t bunch up on your body like other brands’ fabrics can do. If you want something that’s comfortable but still looks professional (and doesn’t look like a pair of sweatpants), then look no further than Bottoms Lab Air-Flex pants!

When I get home from work, my kids want to go to the playground right away, and with these pants, I can do that because I don’t feel hot or uncomfortable in Singapore’s humid climate like I would when wearing jeans.

The Pros

  1. Great fit. The slightly stretchy material helps make it slimmer
  2. Comfort – the light highly breathable material was very comfortable to wear
  3. Easy maintenance – I usually roll up my pair and put it into my bag when cycling to work and all I need to do is wear it and any wrinkles just disappear.
  4. A semi-hidden zip up pocket within the side pocket offers additional protection for wallets and keys

The Cons

  1. Despite being a super sturdy YKK zip, the zipper isn’t as smooth as it could be. Due to the tougher than normal YKK zip used for these pants, when zipping up the pants, unless it’s aligned somewhat, the zipper tends to get stuck a bit. However, that is easily fixed by pulling at the bottom of the zipper to align it.

In conclusion we both agree that the pants are definitely a good buy. They look great, are well cut and flattering, and as an added bonus, they are super comfortable and are perfect for Singapore’s humid climate. A pair of Air-Flex pants retails for $89, so to learn more, or grab yourself a pair, go here.