By Do Tien Dung

If you ever had these symptoms: feeling nervous, restless or tense along with an increase in heart rate, breathing rapidly, sweating, feeling weak or tired, there are high chances that you are facing anxiety disorders. If you ever googled “Anxiety attack symptoms” or “How to treat or stop anxiety”, this is the article for you. Here I recommend five Instagram accounts you should follow if you have anxiety.

But first, let’s find out what anxiety is.  tells us there are two usual types of anxiousness. The first is one most of us experience when we face stressful situations, like going to the dentist, making a presentation, or speaking in public. The other kind involves intense feelings that suddenly pop up for no reason, lasting a long time. This might indicate that you need to take a serious look at things. 

If you’re struggling with either type, don’t ignore it. Don’t let anxiety get the best of you. Take some positive steps with these five Instagram accounts that offer daily doses of self-help. 


Founded by US licensed anxiety therapist Alison Seponara, @theanxietyhealer is one of the most accessible and beginner-friendly Instagram accounts to learn everything there is to know about anxiety. Many anxiety symptoms can be overlooked and seem trivial, but you’ll find helpful posts discussing them holistically here. 


Many people assume a supporting role in their family, especially mothers, taking care of their children and husbands, elderly parents, and elderly in-laws, along with being concerned for colleagues and bosses. 

The @doodledwellness initiative is the brainchild of Amy Tran, who holds a Master’s degree as a psychologist. Some of her brutally honest posts look at topics such as: 

  • People Pleasers: Saying “yes” to everyone. You should learn to draw boundaries by saying “maybe” or “I will think about it” instead.
  • Compassion Fatigue: People who take care of others tend to experience burnout. It is vital to take care of yourself first before you take care of your responsibilities.
  • Chronic Emotional Invalidation: When people dismiss your feelings in a manipulative attempt
  • Relationship with Food
  • Depression
  • Rest and Sleep

Tran adds pastel colours, cute doodles and fonts, making her wisdom easy for anyone to absorb. Scroll through Tran’s posts and follow her simple steps for some self-care if you relate to any of the above.


To help those suffering from anxiety feel understood, validated, and supported, Stefania Rossi runs the @dearmyanxiety account, offering them the support and validation they need. Stefania has battled anxiety throughout her childhood and teenage years. Only when she decided to open up about her struggles could she find hope. 

She has since learned that it is acceptable to ask for help and her goal is to help others do the same. Aside from being a breathwork facilitator, she is a teacher of conscious breathing and assists those who suffer from anxiety by using this type of breathing as a tool so that they can reduce their symptoms and overcome their issues.


Laura Jane Jones, who had previously worked as a primary teacher and early childhood educator for over a decade, was motivated to start @laurajaneillustrations after noticing that many teachers (and other professionals) struggled with sustaining a healthy work-life balance.

Through her Instagram account, Laura aims to spread awareness using her colourful illustrations and thoughtful words to promote a positive attitude toward emotional and mental wellbeing. She is also a strong advocate of the importance of boundaries, self-care, and self-compassion and has produced a beautiful book entitled The Magic of You.


We recommend paying a visit to @ablackfemaletherapist if you are one of those who prefer straightforward wake-up calls. A therapist by the name of Brittney is in charge of running this Instagram account, and she pulls no punches! 

There’s nothing fancy about her posts—just plain text on a coloured background. To some, they may appear insipid and cruel, but they are really sincere and frank. They insist that you read and understand the harsh truths of what you are suffering through. Some examples of clarity that you can expect from this account are: 

  • Exposing the Myth about Anger: “If I’m angry with you, I can’t love you no more”
  • Discrepancies between a genuine growth mindset versus comparison and competition with others
  • Moving away from the shame you may have in past behaviours and transforming that into a feeling of empowerment and self-compassion

We are all human, and it’s normal to feel anxious sometimes. Anxiety disorders, however, are often characterised by persistent, intense, and excessive worry and fear about everyday situations. It can affect mental health and impact loved ones. It is necessary to recognise the symptoms and organically ease anxiety if possible. I hope these accounts and their insightful content will be helpful in taking control of any stress you may have!