CASETiFY has unveiled its clearest and most protective Clear Case for the mass market, and made it available for Apple’s newly announced iPhone 14 — The CASETiFY Clear Case for iPhone 14 arrives just a few weeks after the brand launched the Bounce Case for iPhone 14, claiming the post of most protective phone case of the mass market with 21.3ft drop protection.

The most striking feature of the CASETiFY Clear Case for the latest iPhone model is its material, which has been optimised to prevent yellowing to provide long lasting clarity. It comes equipped with an UV Defender technology, tested against UV light and staining liquids such as mustard, red wine and coffee.

This new case is able to provide the strongest protection against discolouring in the market, a common problem amongst clear case owners. Beyond UV Defender, CASETiFY has equipped its iPhone 14 Clear Case with a Scratch-Resistant finish, enabling a clear case experience for much longer than competitors. New iPhone 14 owners can now order and customise their own Clear Case or other CASETiFY iPhone 14 phone cases here.

The Clearest Military-Grade Protection

Beyond enhancing its discolouration prevention and scratch-resistant properties of its Clear Case, CASETiFY also provides the strongest protection available for the mass market of Clear Cases, having passed Military Grade standard and withstanding drops of 6.6ft, the CASETiFY Clear Case creates the perfect balance between a sleek, clear design and strong protective features. For more protective options, you can check their Impact and Ultra Impact Case Series for iPhone 14, which include the newly launched EcoShock impact absorption technology for ultimate cushioning in the case of drops.

In addition to drop and discolouration protection, the Clear Case for iPhone 14 will give provide users the option of tweaking their ultra clear cases with their names, initials and even patterns in different colours. These case will be available in Magsafe option only and will cost USD$68-82 depending on the model selected.

A Move Towards Sustainability

The CASETiFY Clear Case for the iPhone 14 was made using 65% recycled and plant-based material. Beyond its supply chain, the case is shipped in 100% recyclable packaging. Beyond this latest launch, CASETiFY has recently been recognized by its Re/CASETiFY program. By recycling unwanted and used cases that customers can send to the brand in exchange for store credits, Re/CASETiFY is giving new life to old materials, making the CASETiFY line of iPhone 14 cases one of the most eco-friendly products in the market.

It’s worth noting that today, CASETiFY has already diverted over 160,000 phone cases from landfills thanks to the program, that’s roughly the length of over 500 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Clear Case models will be available for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max. The company will extend compatibility to earlier iPhone models later this year. To select your own design, visit CASETiFY today!