By Lauren Basra 

Are you ready for the steady climbing beat of a DJ set under the sun and the feeling of the salty warm breeze hitting your face, coming off the island’s extensive coastline? Because Ibiza is back, baby! 

This stunning holiday destination is ready for an onslaught of clubgoers and families alike. Ibiza has activities and attractions for those who desire a break in the Balearic paradise. This is only a brief dip into what this Mediterranean jewel has to offer, and there are always more secrets to discover about this magical island.

The Capital Of Dance Music

Ibiza is the world’s envy for its connection and popularisation of the dance music genre. Most DJs’ career highlights are in the clubs of Ibiza, and those who wish to party like nowhere else on Earth must take on Ibiza’s dance club scene. 

Many people will have binge-watched the Netflix drama White Lines and may have some anxieties about the safety of the island. But, despite the reality of dance clubs being prone to the consumption of illicit substances, Ibiza is a friendly and community-centred island where all are welcome to party however suits you—which, if the Netflix show is anything to go by, would be best without any stimulants!

Not Just For Party Animals! 

Party reputation aside, Ibiza has a strong connection to its traditions and history and is well-known for its several World Unesco Heritage sites. It can be an educational and relaxing stop for any family summer holiday or even for student tours of all ages. 

The island offers picturesque rural villages, imposing castles, and an incomparable natural coastline and forest. 

Those wishing to take on nature via walks or water sports must look into the extensive facilities designed for the thrill seeker among you. Much of the island remains unspoiled thanks to the concern over developments’ effects on the environment. The small size means it takes little effort to escape the fast pace of the 24-hour party to discover the tranquil perfection of nature. Your soul will undoubtedly be healed from all the debauchery offered by the island’s nightlife. 

An Island Of Healing And Relaxation

If you need a break from the partying, the thrill of extreme sports or the humdrum of life, Ibiza offers many holistic practices of yoga and meditation in lots of hotels on the island. One way to get a break from the thrum of modern life can be accessed through guided gong meditations. Despite Richard Ayoade’s indifferent scepticism on his show Travel Man: 48hrs in Ibiza, it looks so bonkers, it might work! 

For those travellers who feel gongs and possible tinnitus are uninviting, fear not! Ibiza is renowned for its organic and wellness community that will leave your body and soul feeling restored. The ingredients from eco-friendly farms form the basis of a cuisine that is enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. And as a rule, when trying to find the best place for local produce and authentic dishes, I always find asking a local or hotel concierge for THEIR favourite restaurant can lead to hidden gems. I love getting the chance to taste a slice of the local island life. 

A Gourmet’s Playground

Speaking of food, the local cuisine offers fresh seafood and unique flavours of the Mediterranean influenced by the empires that have taken root in the Balearic islands throughout history. Moorish influences can be witnessed in the architecture of castles and fortifications in the ports of the island and show up in the delicious stews and dishes that focus on fresh and quality ingredients. The island boasts a multitude of eateries to satiate your taste buds and explore the rich culture at the heart of all Spanish life, the dining table! 

Ibiza is famous for its summer influx of young partygoers, but the island has so much more to offer than just the heady bass and laser shows found in its clubs and poolside extravaganzas. It is a place with a rich culture and history spanning over 3,000 years, perfect for whatever style of holiday you wish to enjoy. Families and couples can create memories that last a lifetime in its stunning natural scenery and marine wildlife, while the dancer in all of us will surely relish the bar and club dance floors scattered throughout the island. 

This guide is brief: solely filled with suggestions that can’t truly capture the beauty and joy that Ibiza can bring to its visitors. Whether it’s found in a fresh seafood platter savoured at a pristine beachside restaurant, reliving pop music history at the location of Wham! ‘s Club Tropicana video or enjoying your favourite dance tracks at a foam party; this mix of ancient and modern is the perfect getaway for summer 2023. It’s going to be EPIC!