By Aimee L

If you are not already double-cleansing, you need to incorporate this step into your nightly skin care routine, especially if you use makeup or sunscreen. This added step is important because your regular cleanser cannot remove all the traces of your makeup (foundation, BB/ CC cream, concealer etc), and sunscreen, and leaving traces behind will result in skin irritation, blocked pores and eventual breakouts.

My personal preference when double-cleansing at night is to use a good micellar water as my first step, followed by a gentle foaming cleanser suitable for my skin type. Because my skin is dry and prone to irritation, using something gentle like a micellar water works for me.

Micellar water in general is not only gentle, but also highly effective at removing dirt, makeup, and oil to help clear out your pores while toning the skin. Furthermore, because it’s free of alcohol, it can help promote skin hydration while reducing irritation and inflammation, keeping your skin soft, supple, and smooth. 

The new EHA Gentle Cleanse, by local skincare brand EHA Skincare, uses a complex structure of mild anionic surfactants or cleansing agents to form an invisible microsphere that facilitates gentle cleansing without requiring the need for soap or facial wash. This French-made micellar water is formulated to gently cleanse and remove all traces of makeup from the face and eyes, including water-resistant makeup, without the need to rinse, making it perfect for those with sensitive, or very dry skin. While I personally prefer to rinse my skin, with this product, it is totally safe to skip the cleanser if you want to do so.

I love how this micellar water feels so refreshing and moisturises as it cleans, and soothes any feelings of discomfort on the skin, leaving my skin feeling fresh and comfortable. This is because the Gentle Cleanse uses a combination of moisturising agents like Xylitol and Glycerin, which act synergistically to maximise its moisturising effect, without leaving behind any sticky or unpleasant feeling, making this particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skin, reactive and intolerant skin prone to redness. 

A bottle of EHA Gentle Cleanse 250ml retails for $38 online and on tiktok.