Whether it is a classic Kopi-O in a bag or a fancy iced latte, one thing’s for sure – Singaporeans love their coffee. As it is, the coffee industry in Singapore is already worth more than S$270 million, and is set to double in the coming years. And fuelled by the pandemic, the coffee industry shows no signs of slowing down, as Fourth Wave coffee hits our shores, from coffee capsules to ready-to-drink cold brews.

Simon Lieberum, a German expatriate, and Founder and CEO of NO HARM DONE, fell in love with the local Kopi culture, but he noticed that in office districts, hotels, and supermarkets, this Singaporean Kopi culture seems largely forgotten, replaced with coffee options from global conglomerates.

And there’s some truth to what he’s saying. Not only are these coffee options more acidic due to the arabica beans used, ready-to-drink options typically come in aluminium and plastic capsules which, although recyclable, still leads to huge amounts of waste as most of us find it easier to dispose of them instead of cleaning and recycling them.

So Simon decided to bring that quintessential Kopitiam experience to Singaporeans instead, in the comfort of their homes and offices. After two years of research and sourcing for suitable robusta beans – which are healthier than your regular coffee – and figuring out the right blend of flavours, NO HARM DONE’s Singapore Kopi-O capsules were born.

With beans sourced and grown in Asia, NO HARM DONE’s coffee is also roasted with margarine, akin to the traditional and gao Singaporean Kopi-O we all know so well. They have also since expanded their range of Asian-inspired coffee flavours, including Gula Melaka Kopi and Thai Iced Tea, to cater to local taste buds.

And instead of aluminium, NO HARM DONE’s Nespresso-compatible capsules are made with materials derived from cellulose and vegetal oils, which are fully compostable, easy on disposal and the environment.

To make things even more convenient, they provide a customisable subscription model, which allows customers to pick and choose their preferred coffee from a range of six coffee flavours, along with their preferred delivery frequency. This can be modified anytime, with up to 30% of cost savings in the long-run.