Airplane acne is real, and nothing spoils a good travel selfie more than red inflamed skin. Our skin is most comfortable when humidity is between 40% and 70%. But when we fly, the humidity drops to a mere 20%, and the dry air on airplanes can irritate your skin, no matter what type you have.

For those with already dry skin, the air on a plane can exacerbate the dryness, while those with oily skin could produce excess oils to compensate for the dryness. So how can you prevent breakouts when flying off this holiday season? Well, one tried and tested method is to keep your skin clean, hydrated and protected when flying, and Bio-essence has got you covered with their collection of sheet masks for different skin types and conditions.

Here are five masks from the brand that we recommend:

Nothing ages skin like stress, and travelling can be a great source of stress. Keep premature signs of ageing at bay with the Bio-essence Bio-Gold Rose Gold Hydrating Mask, $21.80 for 4 sheets. Woven from real Japanese Camellia Pink Fibre to help replenish skin moisture and keep skin optimally hydrated.

Infused with Eijitsu Rose essence which helps refine pores, this pink mask also contains powerful antioxidant 24k Bio-Nano Gold which protects skin against free radical damage and reduces fine lines.

We all know that dehydrated skin can quickly become agitated skin. With potential skin peeling, fine lines, and breakouts on the horizon, you’d want to soothe and hydrate it fast, and the Bio-essence Bio-Water B5 Ultra Hydrating Mask, $20.70 for 10 sheets is what we would use as soon as we board the plane and cleanse our skin.

Formulated with 99% pure Vitamin B5, this mask locks in moisture to keep skin hydrated and fresh. It also rapidly calms skin irritation and discomfort. Thanks to the exclusive Hydrosorb Mask Technology from Germany that doubles the mask’s moisture retention capability, each sheet is fully drenched with essence to provide long-lasting hydration for skin.

Because this mask’s fibre adheres to skin 2X better than normal fibre masks and is fully biodegradable (we love a good biodegradable mask), it is perfect to use on your flight.

Akin to an ultra-nourishing milk bath for your face, the Bio-essence Bio-Treasure Double Nourish Milk Bomb Mask, $20.70 for 10 sheets delivers all the goodness of Milk Extract, Milk Proteins, Aloe Vera and Macadamia Nut Oil to offer the benefits of skin vitality, resilience and increased elasticity. To top it off, the baby-soft mask itself is made with Milk Protein for a pampering silky texture and is both natural and biodegradable. Skin instantly feels smooth, soft, and deeply moisturised, and is perfect for use on your first night of your vacation, just before bed, so you wake up to flawless and happy skin the next day.

For brighter, luminous skin, try the Bio-Treasure Nutri Bright Milk Bomb Mask, which has Milk Extract to nourish, and Oat Extract, Licorice, Mulberry and Arbutin to enhance skin radiance.

If you are looking for a quick solution to lift tired and sagging skin, the Bio-essence Bio-Vlift Face Lifting Mask, $21.80 for 4 sheets is a must. Each mask contains one full bottle of lifting essence, and is formulated with Black Orchid extract to improve skin resilience and restore youthfulness.

Targeting major sagging skin, including the jawline and neck for a touted, firmer V-face, this masks helps to prevent the formation of wrinkles and deeply nourishes and locks moisture into skin for added suppleness. Designed to be a corset for your face, it comes with ear hooks that allow for comfortable adherence to the shape of your face while the breathable texture of the mask material ensures every drop of the lifting essence is effectively absorbed into skin.

Bio-essence is available at Watsons, C K Department Store, NTUC Fairprice, and selected cosmetic houses.