SHISEIDO celebrated its 150th anniversary with the launch of its “From life comes beauty” campaign that showcases the brand’s enduring focus on life as the essence of beauty and its ongoing pursuit of uncovering the mechanisms that connect beauty and life, together with the global launch of three limited-edition products that were realised from the brand’s unique Life Science research.

Based on the belief that people will always continue to seek beauty, SHISEIDO has been pursuing the essence of beauty for 150 years, driven by its mission to create products that add a healthy vibrance to everyone’s life.

In today’s era of uncertainty and hesitation, what kind of beauty are we seeking? Our conclusion? Life. If people around the world, regardless of age, gender, and region, continue the conversation about how beauty and life are related, we believe it will inspire changes for a better world” – Ryota Yukisada, Chief Brand Officer of brand SHISEIDO.

To mark its 150th anniversary, SHISEIDO launched three limited-edition products that individually symbolise “Heritage,” “Living Innovation,” and “Future,” to signify our past, present, and future. Their designs use an arabesque motif featured on wrapping paper created in the Taisho era (1912–1926) by Sue Yabe, a member of the design department at that time. Using 3D software, that original design was turned into a three-dimensional form, then photographed from a variety of angles and used to decorate the containers and outer cartons. The designs express the dynamism of life that opens up a new future while harnessing the assets of the past bearing 150 years of history.

The Three Limited-Edition Products That Maximise The Power Of Beauty Generated By Life

SHISEIDO has been pursuing the mechanisms of life to uncover the connection between life and beauty since its foundation 150 years ago. During that time, it has developed products that incorporate cutting-edge technologies based on its unique Life Science research.

HERITAGE – SHISEIDO Eudermine Revitalizing Essence 150th Limited-Edition, $75 for 100ml

A moisturising lotion for smoothness and refreshed radiance, eudermine was launched in 1897 when SHISEIDO established its Cosmetics Business Division. It was formulated using the most advanced Western pharmaceutical technology of the time and marketed as “high-grade lotion”, gaining popularity as “Shiseido’s red water.” Over the years, the formulation was continually improved, until the launch of the current Eudermine Global in 1997 to mark the centenary of Eudermine’s creation.

This limited-edition product features Shiseido’s original arabesque design and prismatic colours that express a bright future, on a reproduction glass bottle based on the original from the time of Eudermine’s launch in 1897. The glass bottle (in consideration of recyclability) and outer carton made of FSC-certified paper create a special packaging that is befitting for the 150th anniversary as well as a sustainable and beautiful future.

LIVING – SHISEIDO ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate III 150th Limited-Edition, $208 for 75ml

An innovative serum that enhances your inner defences for healthy, vibrant beauty is SHISEIDO’s best-selling serum, which has received 224 beauty awards worldwide. It was renewed in the summer of 2021 based on the concept of “The Lifeblood” as an approach to further enhance your inner defenses, needed now more than ever in this time of heightened awareness of the importance of healthy-looking skin. 

Featuring original ImuGenerationRED Technology, the revolutionary formula resists various concerns for a smoother, more resilient look with your radiance recharged, while at the same time preserving your skin’s beauty now, and into the future.

FUTURE – SHISEIDO ULTIMUNE Future Power Shot 150th Limited-Edition, $105 for 15ml

Intensified ULTIMUNE serum unlocks your beauty potential in the harsh future environment. The ULTIMUNE Power Shot features ImuGeneration 150 Technology™, an evolution of ImuGenerationRED Technology based on the concept of “The Lifeblood, designed to defend the skin against the severity of the future environment, the formula is for all skin types and lifestyles, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, time, or place.

Enriched with naturally derived ingredients, the texture is lighter than ever before, absorbing quickly into the skin and promoting your unique “beauty circulation” to bring out your beauty potential.