In an ideal world, my house would magically clean itself, leaving me to enjoy my day, without having to worry about boring household chores. Sadly magic doesn’t exist, I can’t afford a live-in maid, and my fur-children shed like it’s going out of fashion.

When I first received the Roborock G10, I scoffed so hard I almost choked myself to death. The last time I had a robot vacuum (years ago, when they first became a ‘thing’) I was extremely disappointed that it got entangled on the tassels of my rugs, and fell off the raised platform that separated the living from the dining room, and struggled like an upended beetle until I righted it, only to fall back down again, immediately after.

When you have a house to clean, cute, but terribly demanding fur-children to take care of, and a job to do, the last thing you have time for is to babysit a robot vacuum, whose sole existence is to supposedly free up more time for you. But putting my past negative experiences aside, I decided to give the Roborock G10 a fair chance for a week, and here are my thoughts.

Let’s Start With The Unboxing Experience

The whole unboxing and assembling experience was totally fuss-free and idiot-proof, and I think it’s safe to say that literally anyone can get the device up and working. Step-by-step instructions can be found as soon as you open the box and flip the card over, and linking the vacuum to the Roborock app which you need to download from the app-store is easy as pie.

Let’s Talk Specs

The Roborock G10 Vacuum Cleaner is able to both sweep (vacuum) and mop. But unfortunately you are advised not to use any floor cleaning solution except their own, to prevent corrosion and damage to the device, so at present, I have been having my house mopped with plain water, which has been perfectly fine.

The G10 Is Self Cleaning And Self Refilling: This is a great feature. The G10 literally washes its soiled mop, and cleans itself after it finishes mopping your selected space. The slide drives the cleaning module to brush (600 rpm) the mop to remove dirty water back and forth, and refills the robot’s water tank during clean up for a mopping range of up to 300sqm (3230sqft). You only need to empty the vacuum bin every few days, and empty the dirty water from the canister on the dock when it fills up.

HyperForce suction: The 2500Pa HyperForce stormer is 25% more powerful than the Roborock S6, making it better able to capture fine dust particles from the floor, and reach deeper into carpets. While I cannot compare it to the S6 (since I haven’t tried it before), I have to admit that it vacuums my selected rooms very thoroughly, and with three fur-children around, when I say it’s thorough, I mean it.

Intense Sonic Mopping: A high-frequency vibration design of up to 3000 rpm motor effectively removes any dirt on the ground. With the combination of a floating mopping module and high-frequency vibration, even if the surface is rough and uneven, specks of dirt can be effectively removed.

Auto-Lifting: When sensing a carpet, the G10 is said to be able to lift its mop to vacuum without stopping the cleanup. While this is true, it does at times get stuck trying to get onto my low pile rug. I suspect that this could be because both my rugs are lightweight, and therefore gets rumpled when the Roborock tries to get on top of it.

Ultrasonic sensor: An ultrasonic sensor is said to enable it to recognise carpets, and you can even choose to program your G10, to avoid the carpets, which is what I do, as I do not have time to rescue it when it gets stuck.

New All-Rubber Brush: An all-rubber brush is said to add durability and improve resistance to hair tangling, and I think this might be true, because while I do not use the G10 to clean my whole house, due to it getting stuck on the rugs, or accidentally vacuuming a stinky surprise left by my fur-children, so far it has not got jammed up, or had any issue tackling the hair balls that my children and I leave behind.

3D Mapping Capabilities: The 3D mapping is actually very helpful and enables me to select which room I want the Roborock to clean, while I tackle the rest of the house. At present, I find it easier to program the G10 to clean (vacuum and mop) my bedroom, the guest room and the study, while I tackle the living room (which has a really large area rug), the dining room (also has a rug) and the kitchen and laundry space (where stinky surprises might be laying in wait).

Should You Invest in One

Before I tried it out, I would have said no, but in the short space of time that I have had it, I have become very fond of my Roborock G10. It’s a beautiful and smart vacuum, and it does clean the house really well, and it’s almost like having a robotic fairy godmother.

So while magic might not exist, my G10 has made my house cleaning far less time consuming and unpleasant. The Roborock G10 is currently on sale on Lazada for $959.90 (UP $1699.90), so do consider it if you are looking for a good robot vacuum/mop.