CASETiFY, just launched its third collaboration with “ONE PIECE”, the Japanese animation written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda that has been immortalised as a masterpiece. The drop comes as the animation’s latest movie, “ONE PIECE FILM RED” became a blockbuster hit after its August premiere in Japan.

The third drop of accessories themed the “Pirate Black Collection” is inspired by collectible goods such as playing cards and plastic models. The most striking product of this new drop is the Golden Transponder Snail 3D AirPods Pro Case, reproducing the ultimate communication device used when the Marine’s Buster Call is activated. The shell and the body of the case – crafted with a premium and reflective gold finish – are detachable, allowing fans to carry only the shell for convenience, or display it intact as an ornamental piece, immediately recognisable to any other ONE PIECE fan in the city.

In addition to the 3D AirPods Pro case, there are many other items that fans will want to collect. For example, the Motif Case with dozens of icons familiar to fans of the saga, as well as the Thousand Sunny Ship Case featuring the dream ship that the Straw Hat crew rides on, with a design inspired by classic plastic models.

Standing out from the rest, the Brotherhood Sticker Case will also let fans feel the complex bond between three important siblings in the series, Luffy, Sabo, and Ace. The designs, which are scattered with various motifs such as pirate flags, hats, and sake cups, are available in two color versions. The RED Logo Case will be available for early on purchase on the Co-Lab App.

The Poker Card Character Case, which highlights the bonds between brothers and friends, features six types of fan-favorite combinations, including Luffy & Shanks, and Ace & Sabo. Additionally, fans of “ONE PIECE FILM: RED” can enjoy the movie-themed Uta & Shanks design.

Other than for phone cases, the lineup also includes AirPods cases in several variations, including a cool black mirror type, MacBook sleeves, a water bottle, and more. The wide range of CASETiFY goods, from tech accessories to lifestyle items, will allow you to relive your favorite “ONE PIECE” moments, a series that has been loved by fans all over the world as it marks its 25th anniversary.

The ONE PIECE x CASETiFY collection launches worldwide online on CASETiFY, and in the new CASETiFY Co-Lab app (available now in the App Store), and at CASETiFY Studio locations around the world.

Priority Access for the third ONE PIECE x CASETiFY collection is now open ahead of its October 5th launch for the general public online. The phone cases retail for  USD$45-85 depending on the model, while the Den Den Mushi Airpods Case retails for USD$68.