Tory has always been intrigued by symbols of luck. This Fall Winter, her focus is on the Lady Bug which is known to bring good fortune on which it lands on. The newest Lady Bug Court Sneakers emulates elements of the lady bug motif that comes in exciting colourways. These pieces embrace the quirky sneaker trend whilst retaining it’s modest and chic style. 

Symbols of fortune and good luck has always fascinated Tory Burch and her visions for her collections. This Fall, we see the continuation of her fascination being an inspiration for the newest Lady Bug Court Sneaker. As the name suggests, the lady bug was taken as a muse for the footwear. Historically and cross-culturally, many believe that ladybugs are talismans of luck and well-being, bringing happiness and prosperity. 

The sneaker’s souped-up and volumed exaggerated sole is dotted and embossed with the house’s Double monogram T logo which mimics the beloved ladybug’s spots. The intricate sole-work displays a soft geometric contrast and gives the pair a playful yet effortlessly cool and preppy attitude. With a suede heel backing, the house’s logo is refined by the serif curves revealing a refreshing image of the signature logo. 

With it’s play on colours, this pair of lace-up leather footbed embraces the quirky sneaker trend, while retaining it’s classic neutral tone colourway that gives the Ladybug Sneaker stylish longevity. Whether it’s a night out or a casual day, the Lady Bug Court Sneaker promises comfort, style and good vibes.