Let me start off by saying that I do love my children very much, but they have (sadly) reached that difficult age where they have become opinionated little demons who think they know better than the woman who birthed, and gave up her lucrative career for them.

Anyway, moving on, when they are not frustrating me, I love them to bits, and try very hard to provide them with as much nutrients as possible. Unfortunately the little horrors have strong opinions on every meal I prepare, and are unable to mentally process the fact that I am their mother, and not a Michelin-starred chef.

This is why finding a good, safe and also tasty supplement for them is important. While there are loads of delicious gummy supplements out there in the market, tasty does not always equate to healthy, and after all the effort I have put into bringing them into the world, I do want to ensure that they receive the best nutrition that I can provide them.

I really like the fact that MadeFrom gummies aim to provide clean and high-quality supplements with a focus on real food. This means starting with natural, recognisable ingredients from the land, and not the lab. Their Vitamin C supplement for example, is sourced entirely from acerola cherries and uses 100% natural ingredients, and tastes absolutely delicious, and the best part is that the monsters actually love eating them (thank goodness for small mercies).

MadeFrom hopes to change the supplement industry that has relied mostly on synthetic vitamins. This is important because there is no point taking a supplement that your body cannot absorb, which is precisely why MadeFrom takes a food-first outlook on nutrition, believing that the best nourishment starts with nature. This is why their Vitamin C gummy is formulated and designed by nutraceutical experts, nutritionists, and food technologists with over 20 years of experience, and created using high quality and sustainable plant-based ingredients to be naturally bioavailable and bioactive for easy absorption.

In addition, MadeFrom makes sure each ingredient used in their formula contributes to the overall effectiveness of the vitamins. Each formulation is carefully curated to include only what is necessary and each ingredient is picked for its effectiveness and function. To find out more about the brand, or to grab a bottle for your kids, or yourself, go here.