White is a symbol of subtle elegance and purity and is the eternal base colour. mtm labo’s custom-blended-skincare progressively restores the ultimate source of fairness in the skin without using any cosmetic products and procedures.

mtm labo combines skincare expertise with medical research to create a unique custom-blended re-white formula, that suppresses the production of melanin while preventing pigmentation, and illuminating your skin’s glow from within.

mtm labo’s custom-blended re-white formulas have been officially approved as a Quasi-drug in Japan. Unlike ordinary cosmetic products, quasi-drugs are a unique product classification that have minimal to moderate pharmacologic activity according to Japan’s Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

Product formulation, ingredient dosage, proportion, manufacturing method, and manufacturing plants are all carefully regulated. In order to meet the rigorous regulatory controls, mtm labo’s custom-blended re-white formulas use only the listed ingredients in approved concentrations and specifications.

The re-white series helps to prevent the formation of pigmentation and freckles, restoring the skin to its original fairness – a translucent light that radiates from within. In our day-to-day lives, the inevitable enemies of lightening, such as UV rays, ageing, menses and stress, stimulate the production of melanin. In order to maintain the evenness and translucency of the skin, it is essential to probe deeply into the source of melanin.

From targeted lightening and moisturizing protection to deep repair, custom-blended re-white formulas offer a comprehensive lightening solution via these three essential products: custom-blended re-white essence, cream and mask. It also helps to correct sallowness and unevenness, providing a comprehensive solution to a variety of skin needs.

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