By Ari Liakeas

Perhaps you read the title article thinking, “oooooh now isn’t that a bit of a risque topic, how naughty“. Or “surely that’s only for serious kinksters or swingers“. But why should it be?

Many designate a playroom for their children, giving them a space to play with toys, special play items and a dressing-up box to inspire a world of imagination and fantasy.

 So, why should this be any different when we become adults? Has the grown-up world, our busy lives and our jobs made us forget the art of play?

What Does Sex Mean To Me?

Sexuality and sex are becoming less taboo topics for discussion in our modern world. There’s ever-growing support for the LGBTQ+ community, and people are becoming braver in expressing themselves more openly sexually.

We are one of the few species on the planet that actually have sex for pleasure and not just procreation. We also have incredible imaginations. So why shouldn’t we make the art of sex as fun and creative as possible?

We should ask ourselves questions that we may keep close to our chests or only express with very close partners. 

What do sex and sexuality mean to me? Is it an important part of the self?

Is sex just something that happens in the bedroom behind closed doors?

Do I have a fulfilling sex life, or could it get better?

Are sex and sexual play another form of communication and expression with myself and another?

What if I’m Interested in polyamory or a kinkier side of play? Will I be judged? Is there a community to learn from?

Well, the Netflix show ‘How To Build A Sex Room’ has undoubtedly brought some thoughts into a very colourful and lighthearted spotlight!

I personally absolutely loved this show. It was bright, quirky, colourful, informative and wonderfully creative in discussing how we can have a playroom in our homes to stimulate the senses and titillate our temptations.

What Is A Sex Room

Essentially it’s a room for expression and play, a sacred place to touch on quirks and desires in a safe, consenting environment. Hey, you don’t even need to have sex there if you don’t want to!

It doesn’t need to conjure up images of a dark, leather-clad dungeon with whips, chains and potential implements of BDSM torture—unless, of course, that is your flavour—no judgement here.

A sex room can be stamped with your and your partner’s sexy personalities and where you can share and spend quality time together. Or, if you are single, it can be a sacred space to enjoy an exploration of the self and invite playmates to experience with you when you want.

Where Can I Make One?

So, where to begin? 

1. Choose a room in your house, an outhouse or enclosed garden, a place that feels special to you, or you can create it to be special.

2. Think about what you like and the type of environment you want to create. Do you enjoy touchy-feely fabrics, such as velvets and furs? What colours make you feel sexy? What themes are you inspired by? Do you want to bring the outside in with plants and create a jungle feeling? Or want to travel back in time with an elegant Moulin Rouge-style room? 

This is where you really get to create magic!

3. Think about your flavours for play, and what you want to bring into this room? Do you enjoy dressing up and costume-related play? Will you need a wardrobe to choose from as you strut your sexy swagger down the playroom runway for your partner(s)?

Perhaps you are more romantic and sensual? Then introduce massage oils and gentle sensation elements like feathers for some light sensory play.

Would you like to go deeper with your kinkier side and introduce some BDSM or Kink Room Play?

What about toys and furniture with a purpose? Why not have a fun day with your lover at a sex shop and choose a whole plethora of exciting things to experience? The day out will probably get the sexy juices flowing, and then you can go home and play with them all in your new room.

You can bring so many elements into creating an exquisite playroom allowing you the opportunity to grow in confidence and intimacy with your playmate. It can be a place to share, discover each other, and spice up your adult time together.

If you are stumped on where to start, you aren’t great at DIY (you can learn lots on Youtube), or you don’t have the time to build yourself, why not engage the help of an interior designer?

With endless hours of fun to be had, why wouldn’t you want one in your house? 

I certainly know what my next home improvement project is!