Multiflora has successfully taken traditional Chinese medicine as we know it, and turned it on its head by combining the benefits of Eastern remedies with the latest scientific methods in Western wellness technology.

These spas are perfect for those not comfortable in a traditional TCM clinic setting. The TCM spas offer programs that are centred on self-healing, by enhancing the potency of natural ingredients by the use of cutting edge scientific technology.

The treatment programs are centred around the traditional yang sheng technique, which is implemented across all its products, treatments and equipment, which are all housed within a modern and comfortable spa-like setting.

For those new to TCM, it is important to know that Yang sheng is a core component of traditional Chinese medicine that puts paramount emphasis on the prevention of illnesses. This is why the treatment packages offered at Multiflora work at releasing blocked qi, allowing the body to heal by itself. Our qi can stagnate or become blocked when faced with stress or anxiety. This stagnation then leads to the slowing of blood flow, which often manifests in the form of different health issues.

Loosely translated, the term Yang sheng means to nourish life – fostering your own health and wellbeing by nurturing body, mind and spirit, which is precisely what TCM does, and at Multiflora, you can enjoy the benefits in the comfort of a spa-like setting.