Ginza Xiaoma, Asia’s top Hermès reseller, has expanded into Singapore. The new boutique is a 240 square metre showroom located on Orchard Road. It’s the third in Ginza Xiaoma’s portfolio of boutiques, joining central Hong Kong’s boutique and its flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo. 

Ginza Xiaoma is known industry-wide for its ultra-rare handbags, exceptional rates and VIP clientele. This reputation stems from its appraisers’ unrivalled expertise and knowledge of the global markets. Ginza Xiaoma is always able to offer competitive rates, while less-experienced appraisers buy cautiously. Its global network of sellers and a loyal customer base of Hermès collectors who know the value of these pieces make for dynamic, exciting collections.

Offering the region’s largest collections of rare Hermès handbags, its collections include some of the world’s rarest handbags: a Sterling Silver Kelly 15, Diamond Himalaya Kelly 28, Birkin Faubourg, Cargo, Shadow, Picnic and So Black models. 

And with Ginza Xiaoma’s certificates of authentication being the trusted gold standard in the resale market, you can be rest assured that the bag you are purchasing, is the real deal.

If you are looking to sell your Hermès handbag, consider consigning it to Ginza Xiaoma, who promises to give their clients the best rate as soon as your handbag has been sold. 

Ginza Xiaoma is also the only Hermès reseller in the region to host online monthly auctions, which feature both bargains and hard-to-find rarities. All items have an accessible starting bid and shipping is free worldwide.

Whether you’re a VIP who wants a private shopping experience or a loyal Hermès customer who wants to keep your reselling on the down low, Ginza Xiaoma provides professional service and absolute discretion throughout the customer journey. Customers can enjoy free insurance, no courier fees, no cancellation fees, and no commission for luxury consignment. 

Ginza Xiaoma’s Singapore boutique is located at 23-05/06 Tower B Office, Ngee Ann City, 391B Orchard Road, or visit them online.