If your closet is a disaster, and you can never find what you are looking for, then this article is for you. With fast fashion, cheap clothes and online shopping, it’s no wonder that we have far more things than we could possibly wear, let alone actually need.

If your closet is a huge, intimidating mess of things you can’t even identify, and you don’t know where to start to make it more organised, why don’t you begin with these eight items first, and go on from there.

Once you donate or toss everything on this list, you’ll be surprised how much more spacious your closet feels and how much more room you have for clothing you actually wear.

Outdated Trends

Be tough, collect all those out-of-style items and either donate them, or toss them out. You can even post them on specific FB or online pages to see if anyone would like to adopt them for an art project etc, and give them a second lease of life.

Designer Fakes

While buying fakes at a fraction of the price of the original designer piece is tempting, it comes with a host of sociological concerns, and trust us when we say that people will know that your ‘Gucci’ belt is not the real deal, really. So do yourself a favour and save up for that splurge-item, and lay off the fakes.

Halloween Costumes And Bridesmaid Dresses

Trust me, unless you have a beautifully crafted costume that you want to wear each year, and pass onto your grandkids, you should be donating all those polyester monstrosities, and stick to renting a costume each year and not contributing to the planet’s destruction. And talking about polyester monstrosities, collect all those bridesmaids dresses and donate them, or if they are really hideous, toss them out.

Mismatched Socks And Undergarments

I think it’s important to make it a point to wear matching underwear, just on the off chance you get hit by a bus and get rushed to the hospital, you don’t need to worry about exposing the ER staff to your cringey granny pants.

And if you have socks with missing partners, simply collect them all and either reuse and toss them, or donate them to a crafting group who can put them to better use. Honey, cringeworthy, discounted and mismatched underwear and socks should not be taking up valuable real estate in your wardrobe.

Anything That Doesn’t Fit Well, Is Damaged Or Unusable

If something fits you so poorly, doesn’t flatter your body shape, or if the alterations are going to cost more than the cost of the actual item, then it’s time to donate or sell them. Always try and give your items a second chance at life, before you toss them into the bin and add to the growing pile of trash in the landfill.

Painful Shoes

I know this is going to hurt, but no matter how pretty or expensive they are, if a pair of shoes is so uncomfortable you always change out of them before you even leave the house, they’re just not worth keeping.

Anything That Doesn’t Makes You Feel Beautiful

The whole point of your clothes is to make you feel fabulous (and cover your naked bits). If any item doesn’t do this, then it’s time to find them a new home.

T-Shirts You Never Wear

If you haven’t worn a t-shirt for six months, the chances are that you aren’t going to miss it. Toss out any with holes, stained or gross sleeping clothes and replace it with your cute Tees that are too big to wear out, and donate or recycle the rest.

When your closet is less cluttered with things you don’t, and won’t ever wear, you will find your mind feeling less cluttered and stressed. It also allows you to better understand your body type, and the type of clothes, cuts and colours that best suits you.