By Ari Liakeas

Have you ever dreamed of bringing plants into your home but thought you were too busy to care for them or didn’t know where to start? Don’t fret; we have put together a guide to help you get started!

I don’t need to preach about the sense of achievement and how incredibly fulfilling helping a plant grow from seed to bloom can be to any keen gardeners or proud plant parents. We understand how growing plants teach us to care, take a more mindful approach to life, and is a form of therapy for our busy lives bringing more Zen into our homes.

As a seasoned plant parent myself, I tell you it can get a little addictive once you engage with the joys it brings. When moving to a new country, the first thing I find myself doing is finding caring, loving homes for the leafy friends I’m leaving behind. Then I enjoy buying more plants for my new apartment; otherwise, it doesn’t feel like home.

But how easy is it if I already have a busy life“, I hear you say. Well, It can be almost effortless with the right plants, so let us help you on your new green-fingered journey!

How To Get Started

Before you rush out and buy a jungle, you need to consider some things to make your plant parent responsibilities easy and trouble-free. 

Factor in how much space you have available in your home. If it is a small space with minimal surface area for plant pots, hanging baskets with flowering plants might be the best option. Perhaps you would like plants that bring beautiful aromas into your home?

If you have large window sills, house plants that like a lot of light are an option. Want to bring that jungle atmosphere into your bathroom? Then plants that enjoy humid conditions or more moisture are perfect. Figure out your needs and wants, then check out these options below!

Easy Care Plants

Native to South America and tropical climates, air plants don’t require soil, as they collect the nutrients and moisture from the air and light. Housed in decorative glass bowls, they bring a lovely ornamental element to the home. They can also live on the leaves of your larger house plants, are beautiful and very easy to care for.

Also known as the Snake Plant, this is an excellent starter for any home as they are very hardy and grow upwards, so they don’t take up too much space. The Sansevieria also has air purifying properties cleaning the air of toxins.

Probably the most common of all the houseplants, the spider plant is easy to care for. They reproduce very quickly, giving you many more plants for your home in a short time. Budget-friendly, it is a great starter plant and a fantastic gift for your friends and family.

Have A Low Light Space? No Problem!

Native to Southeast Asia, the Lucky Bamboo is a happy, green plant requiring little watering (as long as the roots don’t completely dry out) and no soil, just water. It grows fast, enjoys bathroom environments, and brings good Feng Shui into the home. I have one on my reception desk at work to bring happiness and prosperity!

           A beautiful deep green leafy plant, which grows slowly and doesn’t require much light or regular re-potting.

Edible Plants And Window Boxes

If you are short on space, window boxes are a great way to gain a garden. They are also a fantastic way to grow food, like herbs for cooking or lovely teas, strawberries, edible flowers and even tomatoes in the right conditions. Try growing some of the following herbs:

  • Basil – This delicious Mediterranean plant has lovely white flowers when it blooms. Use the green leaves for cooking or in salads. Perfect with any tomato dish.
  • Rosemary – Another excellent aromantic cooking plant, it is hardy, growing into a beautiful mature bush with lovely purple flowers when it blooms. I love using Rosemary on roasted potatoes with butter; yummy!

A gardener friend gave me this cheeky wee tip when buying potted herbs from a supermarket. Generally, supermarkets throw lots of extra herb seeds into the same pot. Yet, each stem you see is actually an individual plant. So, if you have time, separate them into their own pots, giving you loads of herbs for all your cooking! 

Pretty awesome budget-friendly tip, Right! I hope you decide to get your green-fingered groove on, and I wish you a happy plant parenting life!