By Aimee L

The Dr. Wolff Group, a family-owned pharmaceutical and cosmetic company, launched its Bioniq® Repair Toothpaste in Singapore last month, and here’s why you should care. Its leading dental care product, Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste’s main active ingredient is the “biomimetic tooth enamel” called hydroxyapatite (HAP), which is said to be able to remineralise the teeth and form a protective layer against enamel erosion.

This ingredient alone has been found to be able to remineralise the deeper layers of the teeth effectively, as compared to other common remineralising agents used in oral care, and this is actually a really good thing, if you have teeth.

I have always thought that I had relatively good teeth, until a recent visit to the dentist, for my bi-annual clean, had him telling me that I had eroded my enamel with my rough brushing action, and by using toothbrushes that were far too hard. Getting this news in your mid 40’s is bad enough, but since I am only in my latish 20’s, it left me reeling.

The natural mineral not only makes up almost 97% of the outermost layer of our teeth, known as the enamel, the mineral can also be found in our bones, with approximately 60% of our bone mass made of HAP.

As the main component of the teeth enamel, HAP actively protects the underlying tooth layers from bacteria which can cause diseases, and even lead to the death of the tooth. Our tooth enamel cannot be naturally reproduced by our body, and therefore needs to be protected. One approach is the application of HAP from oral care products.

As dental caries and gum disease such as gingivitis are common biofilm-associated diseases, bionic enamel can help in preventing them. Additionally, a HAP-based toothpaste also has cosmetic benefits when used twice daily such as removing teeth discoloration caused from substances including nicotine, tea or red wine.

Bioniq® Repair Toothpaste Based On The Principle Of Bionics

Our tooth enamel can be worn out daily by acid attacks from our diet, and improper brushing techniques (like in my case). When it is worn down, enamel erosion is irreversible and is unable to regenerate naturally.

The Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste, states that using their product, the tooth enamel can be “brushed back”. Developed according to the principles of bionics – a term combining “biology” and “technology”, is the application of biological methods and systems found in nature.

Using a bionic approach is an effective and popular concept, with many products adopting this development process over the past decades. Well-known examples are the camera lens which was developed on the model of the human eye, the Velcro, and the jackhammer which were inspired by nature. Dr. Wolff has now taken a similar approach for their Bioniq® Repair Toothpaste and developed oral care products with biomimetic enamel, which is modelled based on natural enamel using the tooth-like ingredient, HAP.

Scientific Research Says It Works

HAP, a mineral from the calcium phosphate family is a proven and effective way of remineralising tooth enamel.

The effectiveness of HAP has been demonstrated in more than 200 international studies including clinical trials, which have found that HAP can adhere to the tooth surface, and remineralise microscopic defects while forming a protective layer on the surface of the teeth while brushing. It is also able to reduce the formation of new plaque which helps to prevent cavities and protect healthy gums.

According to clinical research, when used twice a day, it keeps both teeth and gums healthy in the long term, supporting overall oral health. Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste and Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste PLUS is available online.