Let’s face it, we are all growing older. While many of us are still young enough to rock the current fashion trends, there will come a time when our fashion choices begin to get a bit questionable.

Here are some common fashion faux pas to avoid if you want to age gracefully, and look elegant:

Head-To-Toe Black Is For Ninjas And Vampires

While black can be chic and slimming, there is a point when it does get too much. As women get older, their skin tends to become paler—and wearing black can create a harsh contrast that emphasises wrinkles and calls attention to dark shadows under the chin and around the eyes.

Instead of full on widows weeds, consider adding a bright accessory like a scarf or a statement necklace—in fact , any pop of colour will lessen the washed-out effect. Consider timeless and flattering earthy neutrals—like cocoa, olive, camel or grey, or rich jewel tones, which are a colour group that flatters most women.

Stop Pretending To Be A Tent

As women, we have been conditioned to be conscious of every physical imperfection, imagined or real, but if you’re trying to cover your hips, arms or stomach underneath shapeless cover-ups, you are actually making yourself look heavier. So instead of layering on shapeless garments, look for well tailored jackets or tops that are nipped in at the waist or tapered, so they cover the imperfect bits without leaving you looking shapeless.

Skirts That Are Too Long

Dressing your age does not mean you need to start covering up. While a skirt that grazes your ankles will hide saggy knees, it will also leave you looking wider and frumpier. Instead, skip the mini’s, but find the most flattering skirt length for your shape, look in the mirror and note the slimmest part of the area around your knee—right above, right below or in the middle—and that’s where your hemline should hit. If you want more coverage, try a form-fitting midi-skirt, which comes to the middle of your calf, and be sure to pair it with the right shoes so your legs don’t look stumpy.

Wearing The Wrong Size Bra

As we age, our bodies change and this is precisely why you should schedule a professional bra fitting every year. The wrong-size bra will make you look shorter, older and heavier. When you wear your bra, remember that the clasp should be on the loosest hook to begin with and made tighter as the bra stretches over time. When it is on the tightest hook—that’s when you know you need a new bra.

There is Too Much Stretch When It Comes To Your Jeans

While stretch denim is great for women who shop for both comfort and style, too much stretch can lead to lumpiness. It’s best to look for jeans with 2% elastic fibre like lycra, spandex or elastane. The right jeans will follow your silhouette, have enough stretch so that your legs won’t look as if they’re fighting to break free from your pants and, won’t leave you with a saggy bottom.

Avoiding Shape-wear

Here’s the unfortunate truth, good slimming garments can cut years off your age by smoothing out lumps and bumps. While your shape-wear should fit snugly, it’s important that it’s not too tight, for health reasons. Just remember that small is not better. In fact, sizing down will not make you look thinner; but simply more uncomfortable.

Skip The Heavy Platforms

Who doesn’t love a chunky heel and platform shoe right? Unfortunately, they can add unnecessary heaviness to the bottom portion of your body. Instead, look for something more sleek and slim, like kitten heels and a pointed toe.

We hope these tips help. Sadly, this article has also made it quite obvious that we may need to have a look-see at our wardrobes very soon.