By Julie-Ann Sherlock 

It’s Mother’s Day today, and the perfect time to plan a fun day out or a relaxing time at home for the woman who brought you into this world. 

While we should celebrate our amazing moms every day of the year (and I am not just saying that because I am a mom who wants to be spoiled!), it is lovely to have a day dedicated to the women who sacrifice so much to give us life. So how do you make your mother feel cherished on her special day? Read on for some great ideas!

Start The Day The Proper Way!

Lucky enough to live with or near your mother? Then why not treat her to a lovely breakfast in bed? Whip up her favourite morning food, add a cup of tea or coffee and let her dine like the queen she is. 

If you are not a good cook, you can always order in and still make an effort with a beautifully decorated breakfast tray. You can even go the extra mile and craft a bespoke look for your tray or add hand-embroidered personalised linen

Alternatively, take her out to one of the many great breakfast spots in your area or enjoy a slightly later start with a delicious brunch. (A bottomless Champagne brunch is my preference!)

Family Fun

As moms, we love to spend time with our amazing children. Quality time doing something fun always ranks highly on our wishlist for Mother’s Day. Why not take a trip to the local zoo and impress her with your impressions of animals? 

Is she a fan of adventure and the great outdoors? Then take a day-long hike or go ziplining or kayaking. Find a rallying centre or go-karting park for some high-octane driving adventures, or hop on a horse for a slower mode of transport.

If plants are her thing, why not wander around the local botanical gardens or garden centre? You can even buy her a plant that she can cherish long after her mother’s day flowers have wilted and died. 

Does she prefer to be indoors? So, find a local skating rink or waterpark to spend a few hours giggling and having fun. Or enjoy a day shopping in one of her favourite malls, followed by a movie or a theatre show. 

Pamper Her

Most moms spend almost all of their energy ensuring their kids are looked after—even when they have become independent adults! So, turn the tables and take care of your mother’s wellness and let her feel special. Book a massage or beauty treatment that you know she will love. There is such a wide range of options, from weekend stays in high-end hotels to salons in your local mall—one for almost every budget.

Can’t afford to whisk her away to a luxury spa for the day? No problem! Organise one at home. Gather together face, hair, hand and feet masks (or make your own), the moisturisers and lotions she loves and give her a head-to-toe pampering session. Turn on some soothing music, light some candles and make it a day of complete relaxation. 

Get Creative

Who doesn’t love to get stuck into an art project? Even if your talents lie elsewhere, getting covered in paint or modelling clay while enjoying your mother’s company will be fun. Take a “sip and paint” class together, and enjoy art lessons while quaffing some wine. Or go make a new vase for her flowers at a pottery shop; even if it ends up a bit wonky, it will still be made with love and remind you of your fun time together. 

Perhaps your mama has a sweet tooth? Then take a baking class together or pull on aprons in your own kitchen and bake cookies together. If savoury is more her style, go to a cookery school together and learn how to make some exquisite meals. Even better, get her to instruct you on her secret recipe for her delicious dim sum or that glorious butter chicken that no one makes quite like she does. 

If music makes her tick, go catch a concert together, find a bar to sing karaoke in or have a dance party in your house with all her favourite tunes. 

Finish the day off with a family meal, either in a beloved restaurant or at home. Your mother nurtured you, providing love-filled meals; now it’s your turn. 

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate your Ma, Ibu, Amma or Mother on this special day, remember that even if you can’t afford an expensive gift or a 10-foot high flower display, you can still shower her with love and affection. And that is what we Moms really want. Happy Mother’s Day!