If you live in a rental property, or if a major remodel isn’t on the horizon for your own home, there are still several things that you can do, to improve the look of your living space.

Here are some simple and wallet friendly ideas that can make your bathroom look so much better than it does without spending too much money or time.

Paint! Paint! Paint!

A simple coat of paint is one of the easiest, not to mention cheapest way to give any space a new look and feel. For less than $100, you can easily revamp a room, just be sure to pick a hue that works with what’s already in the space, keeping in mind the wood tones, tile colours, and flooring.

For example, a light blue shade can make the room feel serene, while a pale peach colour is romantic and feminine. Consider a satin finish, which is easier to wipe clean and will repel moisture more than matte paint. 

Change The Hardware 

Changing the hardware is a cost-effective bathroom update idea that you can easily do yourself. But before you shop for new handles and knobs, measure the ones you already have. Look for handles that are the same length as the ones you own so you can avoid drilling new holes and filling in the old ones.

Unscrew a couple knobs to see if the area underneath is discoloured. If it is, shop for replacements that will cover the same area. You can find beautiful and inexpensive handles online from Amazon and even on AliExpress.

Replace The Shower Head 

A new and stylish shower head (we love rain shower heads) make a bathroom look more modern, and elevate the whole user experience. While this can be pricey, depending upon your preferences, it is still far cheaper than a professional renovating the space.

Get A New Shower Curtain And Bathmat 

One of the first things you notice when you enter the bathroom is the shower curtain, so toss out your old one if it’s looking worse for wear, and get something new and of higher quality. A colourful curtain can change the colour palette of the room, while a white shower curtain makes a room feel clean and calm. If you’ve had the same curtain rings for ever, consider switching those out too. Pair the new curtain with a coordinated bathmat and hand towel to complete the instant makeover. 

If you don’t have a shower curtain in your bathroom, then select a plush bathmat and towels that complement your chosen paint colour or tiles.

Consider New Lighting 

Bathroom lights don’t need to be boring. Find a beautiful statement light fitting that works with your theme, and see how it elevates your space for less. If you have flickering fluorescent tubes in your bathroom, switch them out for cleaner and more energy efficient LED lights.

Give Your Grout A Refresh

You don’t need to retile the entire room to give old tile a new look. You can change the colour of the grout, for example, if you want to change light grout to dark grey for a more modern look, consider grout colourant. The colourant is brushed onto the grout lines to change their colour, and then the excess is wiped off the tile using a sponge or cloth. While tedious and time-consuming, it helps cover up mouldy grout.

Consider Some Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper 

If your bathroom has decent airflow, consider peel-and-stick wallpaper. There are so many designs available in the market, and it can really make the space pop! Remember that your bathroom is a damp space, so select one that’s labeled “moisture-resistant.”

We hope these simple tips inspire you to give your bathroom a refresh, do share your suggestions, tips and photos with us if you have done any refreshes on your home recently!