For more than a decade, gaming enthusiasts of all ages have been immersed in the multi-coloured landscape maps of Minecraft. Today, this singular universe takes a new outlook with the Lacoste collection. Boasting a 360° wardrobe for men and women, the ready-to-wear and accessories are adorned with the pixelated graphics of Minecraft. 

The new Lacoste x Minecraft apparel collection launched in Singapore this month, and will be their first collaboration for Spring/Summer 2022. Expect a 35-piece collection designed to transport individuals into an extraordinary world filled with creativity and freedom of bold self-expression.

Launched in Paris in March 2022, this highly-anticipated collection was headlined by ambassadors who are avid gamers and embody the true spirit of sportsmanship and fair play: Mari Takeshi (@atomicmari), Shelby Grace (@shubble), music artist Broky Brawk (@brokybrawks) and gaming video creator Scott Major (@scottmajor1995). 

Guided by a key vision to build a better world, the Lacoste x Minecraft collection represents a bridge between the fashion and gaming universe, as well as a symbol of unity for all – whether you are a gamer, an enthusiast, or a member of the same community.

The collection channels the spirit of exploration in the virtual as well as in the real world. It takes you on an adventure to “play” in this new-found world by mixing and matching pieces to express your personal style and individuality. At the same time, these “players” are united by the Lacoste and Minecraft motifs that capture the essence of both brands.

The full Lactose x Minecraft collection will retail in all Lacoste stores from this month, with prices starting at $59. This new collection comprises tops, bottoms, inner-wear, sportswear and accessories for him and her.