A study in The Journal of the American Medical Association found that as many as 21% of airline passengers reported developing a cold within a week of traveling. With more borders opening up, and travel becoming commonplace again, here are some smart moves to make your next flight as painless as possible.

Here are some easy to follow tips for before, during and after a flight that doesn’t require much effort, but can make your next trip as painless as possible.

Make An Appointment With Your Derm Before Your Flight

Jet lag can leave your skin looking its worst, but the change in environment and the deviation from your usual skincare routine can also take a toll.

Instead of trying to funnel your products into travel-sized bottles, ask your dermatologist for samples of your prescription lotions, cleanser, moisturiser, and sunscreen. Even if they’re different from what you usually use, they will still be far gentler on your skin than hotel toiletries. 

Disinfect! Disinfect! Disinfect!

Before you sit down in your airplane seat, take out your alcohol wipes and get cleaning. Most people think they come down with the flu after a flight because they inhale stale, contaminated air. But according to the CDC, in most newer-model planes, as much as 50% of cabin air passes through multiple filters, which capture 99.9% of particles, 20 to 30 times per hour.

The real reason you come back with a bug has more to do with the high-touch areas on the plane like the armrests, tray tables, bathroom doors etc where germs can live for up to a week. So be smart and swipe a disinfectant wipe over your tray table, armrests and seat. Before eating or touching your face, wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser containing 70% alcohol content. 

Go For A Walk: If you’re sitting down for two or more hours, you’re going to get sore, no matter how good your posture or your neck pillow, but if you’re proactive, you can minimise your stiffness. 

If you can, try and get up from your seat and walk around the plane every hour to prevent blood clots and cramped muscles. If you can’t walk around, try this chair exercise: Place a tennis ball between your back and the seat and shift your torso slightly to roll it around. This will act like a mini-massage to loosen up knots and prevent new ones. 

Eat Like A Healthy Local
We all know that treating ourself is part of the pleasure of traveling, but overindulging throughout the trip may lead to G.I. issues like bloating and constipation, so while you can most certainly order a desert after a meal, ensure that your actual meal is healthy and full of colourful fruits and vegetables.

Back At Home? Stick To Your Regular Schedule
It’s natural to want to extend your vacation for as long as possible, but doing so can mess with your sleep schedule and reverse the relaxing effects of your escape, so stick to your usual routine.

We hope these tips help you when you next go off on your great adventure, or have to travel for work. Until then, safe travels!