Pilot Pen has introduced the next chapter of its green journey – the new Pilot Biomass Series which features pen barrels that are partially made from raw materials from plants. 

The concept of Carbon Neutrality was created to curtail this rapid depletion of fossil fuels – that is, to use materials from plants to reduce the consumption of fossil resources and prevent increase in atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide. The Pilot Biomass Series was developed with the objective of supporting this concept. 

Made with a carefully calibrated combination of biomass plastics using raw materials from plants, the series consists of perennial Pilot Pen favourites such as the FriXion Clicker (with 16.7% biomass plastic) and the Acroball pens (with 15.1% biomass plastic). In addition to being eco-friendly alternatives to regular pens, the Pilot Biomass FriXion pen boasts FriXion’s revolutionary thermo-sensitive gel ink that disappears with friction, making erasing and rewriting smooth and easy. On the flip side, the Pilot Biomass Acroball pen is all about its smooth low viscosity ink for incredibly effortless writing, making it a firm favourite amongst ballpoint pen lovers.

Encased in a white pen barrel with a pale green rubber grip reminiscent of plants, the Pilot Biomass Series was intentionally designed with a clean and minimalist look, alongside a sleek body and ergonomic rubber grip to ensure maximum comfort when writing. The pens are refillable and available in different nib sizes – 0.5mm for the Pilot Biomass FriXion (black ink only) and in 0.5mm and 0.7mm for the Pilot Biomass Acroball (black ink only).

The new Pilot Biomass series which includes the Pilot Biomass FriXion $3.25 and the Pilot Biomass Acroball pen $2.15 will be available from this month at all Popular bookstores and on Pilot Pen Singapore’s e-store