As a working mother of two young highly energised young children, it is quite a feat ensuring that they eat their daily recommended dose of fruits and vegetables. Don’t get me wrong, my kids love their fruits and veggies, but they also love their junk food and candy, so ensuring that they stay healthy and grow up to reach adulthood often leaves me pulling my hair out by the roots.

Gumazing is a new range of gummy vitamins for children created by Krishika Bahirwani and Suraj Bahirwani, with the goal of ensuring each growing child gets their share of enriching nutrients. As a mother of two young children, Krishika also understands how many children are averse to vegetables and fruits—important sources of nutrients, offering parents a fun solution to fill this need.

Gumazing’s Children’s Health Supplements

Specially formulated to suit the nutritional needs of children, Gumazing’s line of supplements comprises four fun variations, featuring multivitamins, Omega 3, Vitamin C + Zinc, and Calcium + Vitamin D3 which are important nutrients necessary for the healthy development of children.

When my editor sent over the press kit and assigned me the story, I obviously had to try the gummies myself, to see if they were as delicious as they promised to be. Well they are, and I think I might end up popping a few myself every day, while ensuring that my little ones get their daily dose.

The gummies are absolutely delicious. Fruity and bursting with flavour for some, and bubble gummy for the the others, my kids absolutely adore them and can’t seem to get enough.

In the current age of the pandemic, keeping one’s immune system strong is especially vital. Each of Gumazing’s supplements contains the necessary nutrients needed to help children build stronger immunity and grow healthily.

Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles the Fun Way

Ensuring their children have their daily intake of the necessary nutrients may seem challenging for parents and dreary for children themselves. Gumazing encourages children to start early and cultivate healthy lifestyle habits in a fun way, with their colourful, tasty, and easily chewable gummies. These adorably shaped supplements appeal to children who are likely averse to consuming pills or vegetables and fruits.

Additionally, the line of gummies is also gluten-free, artificial sweetener and colouring-free, contains no preservatives, is vegetarian, and can be conveniently stored at room temperature without melting. This makes the task of proper nutrient intake easier for both parents and children alike.

Gumazing amps up the fun factor and appeals to children with their affable mascot, Mr. Gumazing. Gumazing’s brand is built heavily around Mr. Gumazing, the lovable buddy set to accompany children on their journey to developing a healthy lifestyle. Well-loved by many children for its adorable and friendly character design, Mr. Gumazing fronts the Gumazing brand, appearing on all their marketing materials and products.

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